Friday, 22 August 2014

Argentina refuses to bend over

I have no idea what all the bond swaps
and juristician mean
for Ireland it seems
they mortgaged the next centuries
to be part of a forced marriage
predicated by a violation.

Iceland said
Iceland continues to exist
and doing okay
but they are just
a fishing post
in the world
that we know

Now comes Argentina
up to the plate
they got all kinds of ugly baggage
but in a pitchers complaint
a deal has been worked out
to give them a home run
just to keep the team on the 
right side of a setting sun.

But Argentina
now compared to Iceland
that is like the Falklands
compared to the Maldives
maybe a ocean or two away
There is some islands there
but if you wanted to sink a yacht
not  place that would scare.

Yet Kirchner is going full bore
expect a great concession from the one
who lent her money
and the backers
that can not go 
full bore
because it just an illusion
and we are all
part of this confusion
and the certainty
of reality can
not be exposed
to the ones 
who refused to go 
to war.

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