Friday, 29 August 2014

Masters out of control spells KAOS

I have no idea how  you became competent to comment. But believe me girl and I would say the same thing to you if you were a man. The end of civil discussion in near, Rob Ford over thirty and thats  when the mission blows and the other entertains increase the suck and blow and we get a mayor whose lungs can survive a blow out at 35.000 feet due to tequila.

The world is so crazy these days and I thought I would love it
watching the wooden animals rot so fast
But thats a pleasure I have put into the past
We need these rotten decks of humanity
to move us into a concrete future

Tabernac we need Rob Ford and his brother
and more importantly the one percent that
do his arbitrage

If a comet struck this earth there would
be the usual disaster 
somewhere in the billions of dollars
and maybe many thousands
killed with Gods blessing

But the model is now more like an asteroid
and it going to hit
will it be ten years or twenty or maybe fifty
the timeline does not matter
if you have children
or even a casual interest in the
stream of history 
that marked
our 6000 year rise

I do not think we are doomed
but I presume that the fat cats
will abandon wage slavery
because they should know
the servants always resent
and no master can keep 
them in control.

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