Friday, 22 August 2014

Mice in the War Machine

Mice in the war machine
always looking for cheese
easy to kill one with a trap
but impossible to wipe them off the map

ISIS is the perfect enemy
for the mousetrap
constantly renewed
but not really threatened
and no one can build a 
better one.

End of the day
in the day
the big boys
come to play
Nuclear Annihilation
thats has stayed
we might de emphasize it
its a hard tool to use
in a asymmetric conflict.
Its a weapon that do not need
no explanation
or improvement
Nuclear hell fire
can not be improved upon
except for little innovations
like the neutron and dirty bomb

We should Nuke ISIS
out of existence
together with our
partners who might 
choose the same path
to avoid a Muslim bloodbath

However over at the Pentagon
the Apple Store
of the Military Industrial Complex
they see the world in a much different way
Solutions are pollution
control is the most
profitable way
best practices
we do not need no best practices
we are Gods today

If push comes to shove
Islam will be looking
down from bed
with 72 virgins
at a middle east
that Sevorski of neutral Austria
might have put to 

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