Thursday, 7 August 2014

Its Thursday and the world is still turning

Hamas says war will continue until demands are met. I asked the same thing of Steve Harper but no response as of yet. I expect Hamas is in the same boat.

Which is a nice segway to Justin Trudeau's love of terrorists. Can we just have an intervention to stop him from going to Syria to join the ISIS jihad.

Elboa out of control in Africa. How can this be, after all these countries spend an average of several dollars a year per capita on health care.

Putin goes for the bacon in his mano a mano fat fight with fat Steve. Cant we just get along. Now due to the laws of supply and demand bacon in Canada will be free by next week.

The tea party has announced they have found a prefect place to grow algae. Lake Erie is perfectly suited if you pump in enough raw sewage and phosphates. Bonus people do it for free. You are your own water supply if you drink your own urine.

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