Friday, 8 August 2014

Stop Look Around, Something bad is going down

What we know about celebrity
its both gained and inherited
and in both cases
its an instrument of power
and can be a great generator
of lifesyles of the rich and famous wealth
Celibrity is the silent lottery
we all play
no matter how hard
we think about
doing away
with gambling

Celebrity is all high school
and the people that promote know
that was were you traveled
from kid stage to adolescence
and that stage of life
was a chrysalis
to determine
your final essence

For most of us it did not go
well, it was very awkward
some of our group of elementary
leaders tapped in to this well

Not saying they were wrong
because in this world learning 
how to control people is Mr. right
the best can do it 
without a fight

So you know you are controlled 
and what are you going to do
the choices are very few
You can vote
knowing that is not true
You can protest
and be locked up 
or ostracized
not able to fly 
to other places
in our free nations.

Who would take that risk
given we are on the brink
of curing cancer

You would be a very bad lad
to break some test tubes
that held the cure
to everything that civilization
had wanted
since the Vampire bad Vlad

You know Steve Jobs
and Bill Gates
surely they would not 
betray your fate

I do not know
all I can think about
is how the world 
I grew up in
was so smooth
and now its a 
horror show of waves
of disinformation
and facts that are not

The world is a matrix
of facts and supposition'
lies and betrayal
and fucking overwhelming ambition

Yes we live the Game of Thrones
the writing is faster than
the series
but the serious outcomes
are the same

We little people are manipulated
to do something stupid
just as Goebbels proclaimed

As the Bruce said and 
he has not said much better
all men want to be rich
rich men want to be king
and the king is never satisfied
till he rules everything

All the progress we have made
all the checks and balances
have been betrayed
because the people
are sheeple
and the bad guys 
are not afraid

Take your average citizen
and give him football
and he is ready 
no matter what 
you call it 
to go through a wall
in England or Italy
France or Germany
when the team needs
I am coal on that train

The biggest problem facing humanity
is being human
take the power away from the Grey back
through illumine
Fact are stupid things
but they are like a river\
even the biggest dams
can not deliver
when humans 
are like silver
and gold
something more
valuable than gemstones

We have come a long way baby
we have slayed so many
man made obstacles
to finding a vault of truth

The bad guys see the sun setting
they have seen it for hundreds of years
so they deploy the finest propaganda
that has ever hit
the lizard brain
since the meteorite years

We got them with science
but they have a hold on the lizard brain
I often wonder why
are they fighting
for riches when they are already
more than any human could obtain

Now we are really in a race between
the rich who are insane
the dead enders 
who want apocalypse
and the rest of us
who just want
to live till the sun 
burns out

We burners will not be satisfied
with a dead barbecue
we will go to the star
even in spaceships
that hardly move

I do not fear for humanity
we have always progressed
its just why do we every 
generation have to clean up 
an incredible mess

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