Thursday, 17 August 2017

I fell into the hearth and felt at home

God damn where are the auto lights
talk about flying cars
how about
blind humans
in the house
running into the
airtight in the summer
cause their is no
to make my\
infrared blink
thats how prepared
I am to fight
the forces
of something
I heard in a song
believe it or not
it was trance
and I never came
talk about
a tune

Your so hot

You would stop a
zero degrees
train flat
on its
non levitating

I want to be Sedated

Weaponize social discorse and I will ate yo froefer

Your entering for sure a PC world where
there is no there there
but if some one
decides its
not correct
the corrilless effect
I agree with that
students have enough
problems without
Not that I have any fear of
that your black and white
7.78 chest body point target
with ceramic above the former
soviet level venerability to

Cyber security let me teach you.
In America dont be an idot and you can not 
teach that.
I the real world look out for the pussy trap. I am sorry
I meant to say Honey Trap. You do not have to be James Bond or Littlefinger to know, it does not matter about tech,
the humans will never move along.

Clash of cultures and tribes experts conclude responsibility for civilization failure lies with that

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How many times
as man or women
my oh my I image
a female lead
society of wonder
has rendered
the earth
free of mankind
and we should
change that term
Its Humankind
its all of us
on the best
sailboat ever
with built in HVAC
and even renewable
walk able

Does every civilization in
the end become tribal
and then burn the planet
to save it from the
dicks on the otherside?

Thats what I see today
Okay black people
listen to what an old
white man has to say
forget about the past
because there is
no tomorrow
working there
we are what we
and thats without
Black people
geared up there
fellow citizens
and neighbors
and offered
them to white
people so
they could be the
blackest people
in town

I dont want to point
just pull out some
China 1972
could not manage
a piss in a beer factory
Korea 1954 both south
and north were basically
rocks sheared of anything
organic by artillery
We dropped NUCLEAR bombs
on Nagasaki
and Hiroshima
and today if you
want to make a film
about the destruction
and cheat a bit with
the CGI you could
go to Detroit and film
hundreds of acres
that look
like they
where hit with
a Nuke
second world war
and nobody moved

I call for the removal
of George Washington
as the guy who
cut down Cherry Trees
and admitted it
but about
the slaves
he slaughtered
and bred
like pigs
not a word
is there a statue
of limitations
on kidnapping
rape and murder
strange fruit
the white
went wild
and created
a beacon on the hill
a wondrous
place where men
land on the moon
we have a spacestation
and the people
of the world
are free mostly
especially in the areas
where America
is the super cop
F35 and better
vapour ware
against the
boggy man under
your psykops dead
in the future expect
the enemy will
launch insets
and looking
like they
have stingers
the size
of Hellfire
your fertile plowed field
of imagination
that people
before the flood
now headwaters is
all they can
as they live
in caves
lit by a candle
made from the
great natural
dead bodies
a harvest is a harvest
and gifts from GOD
do not come
so often
God he is
keeping my head

My God wears a spatula
upon his head
becasue he is
the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster
and if you watch
Game of Thrones
I confess
I am a bit worried
that some kind
of lance will
kill the spaghetti
harvest and
then we will
be almost

Maybe I can
get the wheatmakers
to make spaghetti
and not have to
take it from
trees on their
because I have
just taken
a flower
like Upstream Color
and have to stop
eating Bacon
just because
its not that I know
Pork in a medieval society
is dangerous
because not
a single food
vender has
any kind of license
and I swear the
greasy guy
three stalls
down is serving
horse as veal.
Six stalls
down serving

Have you ever eaten
dog the sleder
said to the
white man
who wanted
to walk in the
shoes of a Inuit
before deciding
should I go all in
first nations or

Yes its true
Jones Spaceman
having lived
a billion
years and
seeming to
have some kind
of dwarf star
that would
not let him
die quickly
he was
happy to live
knowing he
would never

Jones Spaceman
Jones Spaceman
you better say
that twice
becauce he
is a Billion
and babyfaced
and full of
alternate truth
can lead
to an absolute
of the truth
as proved
by quantum

Earth today
Jones Spaceman
said yesterday
as he is now fully
and will not take
off his orange
as he explains
it handles
all bodily funtions
in perfect balance
and is guaranteed
to be self sustaining
for a hundred thousand

Okay here on earth
we got what like a ten
year colossally warranty
for a year
after damage
and I would
sue you too
for craPY
where the
are the perfect
Ayn Rand
she was only right
about one thing
they are taker producers
that are not even mentioned
in any of your books
but I know you would
admire their efficiency of
like you probably hated
Star Trek
cause you never
watched to long
or died to soon
to see the

So you have the Frengi
who are color blind
and filled with people from
every nation
and every country
and they all agree
on one thing
I should be in control
of it all
but sitting here
in the great hall
I will settle
for a 120 ft
jetboat and
a plane
big enough to carry
me around the planet
as I watch from
above and know
know something
and maybe everything
cause I am from the land
of the sand
where Armies of the west
fall endlellsly to
a simple fishook
its called energy
its what we all
call it God or
call it Oil
or some
kind of tomahawk
energy the makes
the sun the one
that holds
the Gold
that makes
the rules
and the
could live
happy and free
in their endless
Human Porn
inventing everthing
children through
away ten days
after the creche
and these humans
I would exterminate
then daily
if they did not make
me laugh so much
and thats something
I am missing from
my Nuke resistant
covering and countering

My sex bot all natural bioegc simulated flesh
was in the shop
I wore its tits off
and so there
I was alone
for 3 days
and I remebered
how to jerk]
thats got to place
me as on
of the first recruits
to rob the train
to put
back in control

Minds are warndering
they are walking all about
as they say in OZ
aND it clear as
with real thought
will say
its the first
has the first placenta
and human
and everyone
knows it

Native peoples
is that not a perjorative
for sucker
or sucker punched
they never realized
they had the stratigic
see Afganistian
if the people
living in North America\\
had resited even like
Black Lives Matter
the soldiers would
never have opened
fire on a people
so brave
and today
we probably dont
have global warming
and are all more natural
because \
please I must indulge
and blow your minds
like some kind
of world circling
last survivor
freight train of humanity
continaned within
20 cars
with every
segment of humanity
by Anglo Saxons
you fucking
Brits bend over
and take it up
the ASS
you killed the
you ASS

So I have identified
the Villian
Bloodfield is the
and he runs the CITY
in London
America agrees
and the Illuminati
always sees
a century ahead
all those
mother fucking
cocksukers would
be long dead.

Just to summarize
the world is prize
that every tribe
needs to purse to
be alive
and when it comes
to nuclear war
your going to
want to wait it out
in a tribal fox hole
because we
are drawn in
circles self or family I will take family, village, province or state then country
and all these waves are constructed of cognitive dissonance people never
hear because they employ a reality destruct system that tells them happy lives
and in a hundred years we never missed a death.

Six dead civilization I prove. Now let some scholar who actually did research
and knows more than they learned from Erich Van Danican/ Chariots of the GODS. If you have never been thinkingaboot this book, your cooked.

I come to this conclusion because I now realize I am the clone of
Adonis activated by the margin of people who like Greek.  I am not talking about
all the great Greek food I can never pronounce or spell. I am not talking about Bruno Gerrusi the ultimate imaginary immigrant to CaNADA.

Blurred lines
it comes with conquest
and cross breeding
making mutts
that is going
to birth
new horizens
like before
coloring the
licks of
love and jumps
of affection
but unlike
the past
the nature of the relationship
has gone past
and become beyond
yes dogs
are the master
and humans
they keep around
because they are
so kind
and amusing

People of colour are not brown in Nazi world

Image result for images of rainbows
I self identify as beige
cause I am a Dad
and drive
a minvan
but I am not
and the world
should know
no responsible
Dad would
ever use a minvan
for brown.
People of color
I am one
I am white
and I have never
seen white in
a rainbow
or black
as a matter
of a fact
maybe we should
be lead
by yellow
and blue

What is the moon lading is fake is a fake?

Image result for images of fake moon landing

Yep, those crazy people believe man did not land on the moon, just plum crazy cant believe any conspiracy theory. I see the first draft of man on the moon was written in company font.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Snow Mexican Patrol

Its just that I feel
to forget the world
with you
your beyond lovely
at any age
and now
we can
just go crazy
because the future
does not care about
we are today
and getting older
and need to prove
we have the right
to be young

Please Please do not say your suprised

Image result for images of hank williams
when the world stopped
loving me
like Hank Williams
in a song
I thought
about how\\\
to start the sun shining
and the world truning
and the ice
caps more
or less the same
but then I found
the same old
was in my afternoon
and eveing
would be worse
aDD If i cALLEd the cops
they would say in
words unspoken
suspect is not on the grid
seems antsocial
we are not doctors
but susbricbe to the idea
of imediate phara
on the brain
to make it numb
and maybe if we
are lucky
not think

Why bother with a mask

I am just
a human
but when
I meet a mask
i am suppositions
for good
mostly what
behind the veil
is here to
kill me

true dat true dat
is that not tru dat
we all got bodies
and some should
be left by the side of
the road
and some are perfecta
and thats not the end
of paving the roads
for what we have always
kwon is true
there is no perfect
there is no perfect women
there is just someone
after all the animal
becomes a squirrel
you can collect
the nuts together

Hands up if you hate lawyers

Image result for images of lawyers as sharks
Well Well  Well
as Hartio would
say I see
we have an overwhelming
why is impregnating
a lawyer
like the big bang
there is only
a infatisimale chance
of making life

We have all dealt with lawyers
and mostly its like
they just took a Sopranoes
like cut 
for just a signature
but consider it insurace
against worse circumstances 
let alone consequences

It really started in 
our 6th try at civilization
(Our is everbody)
on June 15th almost
a thousand years ago
yep we are old people
and where where
is the wisdom
we seem to have lost
it in 1964 (Magna Carter)
Jimmy Carter last real

Laws are what make
us not monkeys
that keep the king
from dropping
Gods rule
on our
as we
puke for 
a part
of this whole
witch hunt
that keeps
us all
sweeping brooms
to clean up all the 
C two OH
of the ones
who make
the rainforest
and the skies
fear the CO2 
because they 
only evolved
to handle
not tubes of
the trophespher
with human
no Icarus
no flying
to high
to have compostite
of the worst kind
so maybe the bible
was talking about
aluminum 5058
strong enough
but melting point
yeah way below
tackling the sun
he was just
a chosen
one on the
DNA future
on the history
of the human

So many legends have died
in my short life time
how many will be even worthy
of a blip in the history books
I cant see but a few
In Canada it will be PET
because he gave us the Charter of Rights
something in 2017 does not exist
in the land
where Orwell
was born

So lawyers
working laws
where like the 
little people that
pinned down the 
giant Gulliver
with strings
of silk
and pegs
in the ground
driven down
with the force
of a hammer
human powered
no assist
no instruction
just hit
the peg

Thats what lawyers are
fine wefts of gossomer
that allow the drift
of the future
to be inclusive
and worth
living especially
if the gratitude
makes me a great
on among the others
who used swords and shields
to advance ideas
better written in pen
We are monkees
who have data codes
on bananas 
to make sure
we do not eat 
the black one

Whats in your
fridge in 20 years
it will be a liabity
they were presevering
and I ate it not knowing
about nitrates and cooking
food over open
and how the hot
got its name

When all reason 
has collapsed
when every logical
can be defeated
by Barbie
with a Kardashian fact
it will be the lawyers
that keep the flame
of reason and hope allive
if we can code it in latin
we can make the people
think rationally
and logicaly 
and except
that on this earth
it is humans 
that give birth
and no God
gives a fuck about
the one added
to a metric
.7 decabillion
already living
on a earth living
like a primative
it can support .4
at worst

So what will happen
my friends
I tell you now
and believe me latter
lawyers will make
the planet killers
leave life later
but knowing
they did the right
in the foxhole
of legal action
that the whole world
would see
if you stopped smoking 
cancer because of second hand
how about a smokestack
protected by OJ lawyers
if the cancer does not fit
the smokestack you 
must aquit
cause its never been
legally proven that
people did not know
with every breath
there is inherent hazard

Let Let Let Let
the lawyers rule
because fearing
the fees
people will decide
to act rationally
and all emotion
is that
not something
for which humans
can take pride
for even for a millisecond
supported by legal electricity
we can forgo the present for
today and tomorrow.


Trump Daily Diary both side of a triangle can be equal edition

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They had a permit
They had a permit
so did the brownshirts
and thatch a stain
we cant wash out

If Nazi are marching with 
a permit its okay
cause thats
the free speech
but I wonder
if hate speech
would not immediately
silence them
so when the people
who are not brown
get angry
do not hide
your just
a dogcatcher

80/20 thatch Pareto
and in the 1%
I bet there more
80 brownshirt
than communist

Time for some Bob Marley
One Love
we all love
and when in love
the world is beauiful
and being beautiful
seems to be the only
thing that matters
so lets
go with that

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Canada Eh! Body Tatoo ready to go!!!

We will be your body
that you can
wear in the ZOO
while the
can remain
natural and calm
all the time

What would Jesus do today?

Image result for images of preacher arseface
Back then carpentry was
pretty leading edge
but now
I am sure he
would be a lawyer
and win every case
like some kind
of revese
class action suite
Jesus just sued
every asshole in America
and achieved
for the
real people

You know, you know, that all the sad headlines of today
are just an excuse to have some

When they take the labels off the beer bottles
what are all the drinking babies
going to do with their hands
I know the answer
drink from aluminum cans
you can not hope to 
wreck the paintjob
so just crush the
on order
in a recyceled\\\

I did not Check in for this
no no no no no
its something actually
greater than l know
Yes its a great front
for eveything but
when the rubberr\\\\hits
the road the vatican
is law school
and all the good
and evil that comes
with a passing 

Today we let the law
run the town
and if you lawyer up
high enough
you can
be Jesus