Tuesday, 1 August 2017

battl;e better than the Tony TnEEE

Image result for images of eunuchs
loking (thatch looking to you)backward
looking backward
for the rain men
or alphabet soup that
is what we eat tday
and dont be wrong
be ahead
cause I believe
in freedom
and gigabit
and solar
homes or at least apartments
where everyone in the human culture
can peruse what we
do better than all
the animals
cultural permeation
and expos8ition
for whatever
the audience
will pay
in the hopes
of being charged
or at least entertained
on a scale
not seen
is always
by the past
which seems
t0 be
the most
take of the future
the futrure
where we a

alll live in the fut8ure
with all the past
as our
and thinkingaboot
that would you
not want to build somethingbe

betterbeeeter berer
while you had
CGHAHGE si thethe ticket
to the big game
no matter how you
play it littlefinger
or maybe a sparrow
or full on like
a dragon mother
in full flight
but who will
pull the wings
full of power
to power down
and keep the dragons
on your area 51
full of nothing
and sheep raised
not to provide
warmth and shelter
not on the table
as some kind of
Frank Ly;lopd
Rkight first class
the dinner table
in party mode
so de la
de be gojne
like a vampire
sucking the life
out of the world
while humans
ccibtiube to9 live
as profit center
profit centers
by skomeopne
who had s0ome
feearms AND dreams
to be more than
a butt boy and
then someone
sang this song
be good
Honey and make
a great big world
and when you
are feeling down
be happy muy
brother be happ76
my friend
be happy my sister
my only femakle

Be happy dont worry
the end is always tommorw
and for at least 5000 years or
maybe a thousand more
one thing is crystal clear
those who spend their
vital energy building
foxholes during peacetime
are way to much into
teenage head or
maybe life during
and when if you
had the verybest
plan emerge from
your quiamst hut
jihadi RV
tell mee
tell ne
tell tekk teekk telll me
why  we had to kill the planet
to save it
save it from whatse
therm0n8cpwem, qE Qe  waree
would seem to be the biggest threatwe
can look at you passport
very fine granulated earth person of a
s8imilar color athough being a color
blind nation we can not
place your acceptance on
a Pantone scale of selection
but do not worry
Canada is a lifeboat for the presenent
and a speedboat into the future.

Why did I say Canada or
not Singapore or Hong Kong?
Its not anything anti Chinese 
and to say Chinese is to say white and all
the different shades and sparkles
but in China the Emperor is still
a God on earth in ways
only TV preachers
could understandd
except my manly regrets they
rul3d by cutting off the smartest
best peoples cocks off
and that has to be be
the worst social  compact ever

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