Thursday, 3 August 2017

No atheist in the foxholes

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Maybe baby you
are a fox of any
number of animates
to describe you
but you are

Just when you thought
you had broken
any chance
of being
I give you
all you got
to do
all you got to due
is pay the dues
and not question

So the sugar plum
fairy has hit the streets
and found a drought
of reversible
GOD damm
the pedophile priest
because they were
like just a few
hands removed
form Jesus
and if your an Anglican
are you not just worshiping
King Heresy 's hedonism

When the terrain
has no foxhole
potential and faced
with an insurmountable
enemy choose morphine
that the pain
its real
and more people
are dying
from Nihilism
than the last four
wars combined
and special
bonus this is
real combat
for the masses

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