Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Civilizations do not collapse they corrode to the point where an aniod is an aphrosdiic

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Oh the Pines
the beloved Pines
where the Pinoy
run free
and try to hide
from the benevolence
that is their birthright
paradise lost
with volcanoes
and Sumani that
would blow the whiskers
off Santa Clause

The Philippines has had a series
of clown presidents
but its prescient
for what comes
because the clowns
now rule merica

two thousand years
the anglo saxon version
of history has marched forward
and in the late 20th century
and even acerbated today
we find it all corrupt
and most corpuaral.

God help us we faCe
a true Malthusian
resource crisis
and our leaders
are all worried
about getting
figuratively and actually
depending upon
the deviance

There is some extreme
history buffeting our good
planet and the storms only
promise to get worse
thats why all the dystopia
on TV and the message
the problem with normal
is that it has no choice
but to get worse

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