Thursday, 3 August 2017

TheOpiod Crises

I got my slogan on his chest okay got that off my chest

It sounds all Greek tragedy
if you say it that way
but even Zeus
would have to
put his back into this
for a resolve
that was not
scorched earth
and then when
will you get followers
after the
fries the worshipers
industrial style
like a God
wants frys with

Well I have a T Shirt that
can Change the world
or at the very least
bring a wry smile
to those who
walk the line

Fentanyl Opiod
is not a crisis

I do drugs of all kinds
and some changed 
my mind
but I found that valuable
and maybe it made
me so cynical I 
cant roll a big
because I want
to throw up every
time I score
and win 
Darwinian style
with An Rynd
saluting as
another pensioner
lost there stash
from being late
to the market
where the Algos
are several lifetimes
smarter than you
Whipsaw is the term
that the algos use
to describe
rocking the human

The problem is that humans 
are not machines
and we can thank
GOD for that
so whats the solution
to happiness for the squirrels
who shave and pretty up 

We need a purpose
and a goal
but there have to be
great goalposts
at every end
hey everyone is not
going to win the Nobel
but no one should
be bitter when 
one does
Yeah Communism
is the only way
to life free today

Its thecrises. that has revealed to the world the globe. The globe has lines of power drawon all over it in script and ink more powerful than the A- Bomb in a car. You cant render a village radioactive and save it. Ok maybe some genetic radiation consuming Bamboo
can be deployed for a few hundred season and we can start over.

There is a lot of reason to despair. The youth our future refuse to reproduce and at least 20% of them would rather be dead. Its a Nihilism crises and we need our communicators to start telling the truth about the potential of humanity, and its not dictated by anyone living or dead.

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