Monday, 7 August 2017

Trump Daily Diary version Dog Days of Summertime

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I have been niggardly in my comments
about the great Trump
because he
has not lived
up to what
was advertised

Season 7 Episode 4
of Game of Thrones
we finally saw the
and half a year
in Trump
has done nothing
but lay
a canopy
of stinky farts

Its hard being an apprentice
at the white house
especially if you
have no concpet
of democracy
and how it works
to allow
the rich to get rich
and middle to swell
and let all the poor
know there
is relief
from living

Trump was supposed
to be the enema
that drained the shit
from the swamp
but now
its plugged up
worse than
and for
sure if the
situation does
not improve
an intestine
is going to
and the world
is going to
be covered in
American Shit

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