Thursday, 22 June 2017

Bee careful who yo sleep with if you dont want to get stung

Isreaial and Saudi are so into the pillows. What does it mean?

There are no victories to be held here

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzew  we defeated the Nazi. That was some kind of victory, but during operation paperclip we re enfranchised them, it was a firecracker victory.
Stop the fireworks. Great Nazi who had skills became great Americans and one
of those assholes put a man on the moon.

We can make may
or october
on thrust
but in
the end
will do
of crazy
stay in power

we are all consumed by nonsense

we are all consumed by nonsense
nothing expresses this better
than the pro team draft
where we care for brief
momement about absolulte
little kids that
wanted that goal
and worked
tottaly to do
and in
the end as
a first round
draft pick
cant make
the AHL

try I mean
watch the Hunger
but if you want
you have to leave
all the laudry on the
and hope
for a refreshing

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Technological Appendages

Image result for 7 years in tibet images
Giving space
thats my territory
and I accept invaders

For example
anyone who tells
you headphones
are the answer
has already surrendered
yes they are a great comprise
but like virtual reality
no comparison to the real thing

As our lives become
completely digitized
can we not ask ourselves
what is left of
analog human
even if we cant
interface with
the newest tech

Whats the fucking purpose
Whats the fucking goal
to make another
billion economist approved
bullshit and it ends
worse than the
CHinese invasion
of Tibet

Does anyone care anymore

Its a constant assault on humanity
the news 24/7
make make us better
but really is it all
why should I feel
the pain of another
lost family 
in Pakistan
or why should my children
need to explain
to someone
how they are
from the Jihadists
the Muslim scum
that desecrate
this place

Let me temper that
last statement
a bit
if you read this 
I get along real
with true believers
of every faith
but those who kill
in Gods name
are apospthe

Grenfell towers burn but dont fall down

Image result for grenfell towers
Grenfell towers burn but
dont fall
like London Bridge
this could be
Gulliver's Travels
or it could
be 1984
it depends
upon who
wins the race

In any civilized society
the company that
refurbished the joint
would be looking
at negligent homicide

Its a Charles Dickson play
as old as the empire
and Jesus people its
been thousands
of years but
nothing changes

Jonathon Drouin

Image result for jonathan drouin
According to the headliner
this blog should have
hockey more mainliner
but I am lost for
words in this century
because my team
has defined mediocrity
just like the NHL

The promise of youth
is eternal
but for a sports fan
its ephemeral
and every draft
pick is a superstar
who will lead
the flock to
one more time
as the socialized
war of sports
gives meaning
to lives both
and unfelt

At 22 Drouin
has more pressure
on him than a theoretical
tomahawk reactor
trying to capture
the power of the sun
in Gods bottle

Sports has always
been a bidness
a way to reap profits
and shape minds
for higher level
but in Quebec
it has always
been a source
of rebellion
and affirmation
that no war is ever
lost and somehow
heroes will set the 
people free
to parade down 
St Catherine's 
street enraptured
with pure joy
that the Anglo's
have gone down to
and will always
be just punching
their ticket
to Hell's gate

Now young Drouin
has all this history
on his barely formed
bonne chance
mon amie

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Days of confusion approach the 100 year flood fantasy

The news today was spectacular in its unremarkable catastrophicy.
Baseball players catching bullets, a modern building going up in flames
like babalyon and yet unlike building 7 it did not collapse. In both cases you know the people responsible will only collect insurance money.
USA selling $12 Billion in lethal F15 to Qatar which just yesterday was a terrorist nation.

Before the flood

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

If we solve the real problems for most people, who cares about our place in the world

Most people do not give a fuck
about their countries place in the world
they care about their place in the world
which worldwide has become increasingly
diminished and unimportant to the big picture

We have the technology to make self sustaining capules that
could be stacked endlessly if if the transportation infrasturcte
was adequate.

Western women have given up on having babies
and who could blame them.
Make  birthing attractive and 
we could pull back
the scum of the earth
will populate it

Monday, 12 June 2017

Thinking bullet resistant with kevlar and cermacis

Shoot me body
and watch me
kill you
on the counterpunch
cause I have dragon
skin motherfucker
although I got
to ask
how long before
I get blown
away depending
upon techology
for my pedestrian
low paid

Spread your wings

Spread your wings now
before the low
ground tubulance
prevents fight
its a battle
we need to
take on
no flinching
if we as a humanity
want to go
we have to follow
and that comes
into diametric
conflict with
adam smiths
the invisible\
hand and ever
other well written
that made the
readers believers
and was seen as the
soucre of great wealth
but today time has
and the fate of hummanmioty
is asking for a gas tax
to save the world
and all the people in
charge have to say'is
gas her up

When you have a problem you cant solve

When you have a problem you cant solve
who you gonna call
if its a waste issue
the plumber
or a short circuit the
and they will make
short work
of it all

If your GDP is underwater
Goldman Sachs can 
profit from that
and in time
every nation
climbs back
from incredible debt
because the asset
is the people and
they are not going
no matter what
no matter how

When the global HVAC 
system gets plugged up
with a human 
hair ball
who you gonna call
Donald Trump
Al Gore
Carl Sagan
Steven Hawkings
Tony Robbins
or what is left
of the rest

Go Daddy put me
on line I got a message
and its past due
prime time
the world is fucked
because humans
care too much
about animal spirits
and superstition
and never listen
when math
is hard

The process now is irreversible 
in a human time line
we are going to all
leaving cockroach farts
because near the end
thats the only protein
the last survivors 
can count on

History is not biased
if you read between the lines
and like a palm reader
humanity seems to have
a death crease
in every fold they make
because hubris is not
one of the seven deadly sins
a fault of the old guys
who decided it was too
big of a word
for the human world

The TV series the 100
is a metaphor for our
current human condition
everybody is not going
to survive
and those that do
will be spaced for
the slightest infraction
because when life is hanging
by a thread every gram of
counterproductive weight
will be rejected by the hive
mind dedicated to survival
and though humans are
way up the scale over
bees wasps and ants
we share the same
inborn intelligence

Why did Norway using
the PET formula to accumulate
at trillion dollars
make a end of the world
seed bank?

Why do the richest men in the 
world have a condo in a missile silo?

Why is New Zealand more holy
than Jerusalem?

The seventh and my count could be wrong
will start out with more than you and me
when it comes to post apocalyptic growth
and the reason we all failed for all those
generations going back millions of years
was because of the sun
we all knew the skygod
and made him
number one

I am a Canadian
son of immigrant parents
one from the Hungarian Revolution
the other a daughter of a family
fleeing white Russian in Finland
my birth story is the story of every
constant conflict over gold
and the people with no gold
pay the price
every time

I would like to see
a nation rising
in the vision of PET
hunker down and prepare
for the Zombie Apocalypse
because due to geography
we are most likely to rise
after the rest of the world
has died

Forget helping Africa
and Haiti we have done
this since liberation
and the scene
there is always
more insane
and the money
is all in Switzerland
and the do goober
drive around in 
Range Rovers
and ask us
for a helping

Canada is a lifeboat
for the present
and a speedboat
into the future

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Salvation Mars

Its cosmically clear if we do not have a backup plan
humans are doomed. One years worth of military spending
could establish an eternal outpost.

Its a fridge

Great design, even non gear-heads could take a shine to this in the kitchen. Not only beautiful but efficient.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Is the pixel mightier than the sword?

I did not curate this list. One thing they should teach in school is perspective. Just because something is fucking awesome to the group does not mean its fucking awesome outside Boston. Nevertheless great books have moved human history.
Number one is the Bible and number two the Koran. Both total bullshit IMHO.
Much later came the books of reason. For sure Darwin leads in the non fiction,
but Gulliver's Travels and Uncle Toms Cabin are the non fiction that got under
everybody's skin. They both penetrated the reality distortion field so deeply
the deep state was powerless for generations.

In the 21st century the shame is that literature is a third world country of intellectual thought. Our most intelligent persons no longer consider reading to be important. Trading elevator speeches is now Shakespeare.

If you want to change the world today it has to be visual at least and interactive at best. I am not a gamer though I work a gamer rig because in a past life I was immersed in alternative reality where keystrokes made perfection and that was
so rewarding when I got to the end. Gaming is Pavlov's dog for the intelligentsia.
Give Fido great tasks and he will bring you back a huge bone.  The gamer does not care about the bone only the artificial satisfaction of acquisition. The people who are not able to game due to poverty and the people who do not game
because they know its a control mechanism are happy. Life goes on and so it goes. 

Do not be stupid. The most intelligent people in the world are under contract
to the most stupid people in the world.  This hybrid of intelligence and absolute stupidity is de rigur. Humans are animals and Grey's rule. We can change the rules
we can pass laws
but in the end
the Greys are
going to rule
the reason why
its human nature

Lets look at Israel
cause that is the 
ultimate start up
today they are ruled
by Netanyahoo
but in 1967
they won the world
because they believed
in a real defense

I love the Jews
in some respects
we should all
be religious in the
betterment of our
group especially
if it means I 
If you buy into this
you make great society
if you do otherwise your the 

I am not a Jew
but my mind explodes
daily at the stupidly
of the gnomes
now I am not saying
living under a Jewish
sky is all rainbows
For sure there is more
than foreskins that need
to be trimmed there

However in what works
in this world we live
in the Jews have
nailed it down best
and I still love
Singapore but
its so sterile
life can not

It was so easy
one two or five 
centuries ago
to keep the sheep
in line
today its chaos
as everybody
has everything on
and we can pick
and choose
like children
at a candy
with a advertisement
if you do this
you will have
candy forever

Right now Right here
little watched TV
is going on
an nobody knows
if it will be influential
because no one
is talking about it

House of Cards
is a rectal examine
of the political system
but no shit seems to stick
to our real politics

The Leftovers
takes the rapture
and asks serious
about how that could be
no matter what the science
behind this exception
of every society
the message
should be
that love
conquers faith
every day
24 seven

House of Cards
and Game of Thrones
tell us
that there
is a hurricane
of power turbines
whirring above us
and they deliver
nothing in the long
so we need to place
a power tax on

The best democracy the invisible hand can buy

Well well well the invisible hand
has found flesh
and its necromancy
is written in the book
of Koch.

Watch Boardwalk Empire
stream House of Cards
and you see why democracy
is like communism
both have never
been tried

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Continued Terror in England

A group of terrorists brainwashed by limited thinking
are promoting the British Government
to limit worldwide networks of free
What brain-dead thinking comes to the conclusion
that castrating the internet means freedom
and security
Terrorism is just another policy tool
and it has been wielded with great 
and terrible effect.