Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Is the pixel mightier than the sword?

I did not curate this list. One thing they should teach in school is perspective. Just because something is fucking awesome to the group does not mean its fucking awesome outside Boston. Nevertheless great books have moved human history.
Number one is the Bible and number two the Koran. Both total bullshit IMHO.
Much later came the books of reason. For sure Darwin leads in the non fiction,
but Gulliver's Travels and Uncle Toms Cabin are the non fiction that got under
everybody's skin. They both penetrated the reality distortion field so deeply
the deep state was powerless for generations.

In the 21st century the shame is that literature is a third world country of intellectual thought. Our most intelligent persons no longer consider reading to be important. Trading elevator speeches is now Shakespeare.

If you want to change the world today it has to be visual at least and interactive at best. I am not a gamer though I work a gamer rig because in a past life I was immersed in alternative reality where keystrokes made perfection and that was
so rewarding when I got to the end. Gaming is Pavlov's dog for the intelligentsia.
Give Fido great tasks and he will bring you back a huge bone.  The gamer does not care about the bone only the artificial satisfaction of acquisition. The people who are not able to game due to poverty and the people who do not game
because they know its a control mechanism are happy. Life goes on and so it goes. 

Do not be stupid. The most intelligent people in the world are under contract
to the most stupid people in the world.  This hybrid of intelligence and absolute stupidity is de rigur. Humans are animals and Grey's rule. We can change the rules
we can pass laws
but in the end
the Greys are
going to rule
the reason why
its human nature

Lets look at Israel
cause that is the 
ultimate start up
today they are ruled
by Netanyahoo
but in 1967
they won the world
because they believed
in a real defense

I love the Jews
in some respects
we should all
be religious in the
betterment of our
group especially
if it means I 
If you buy into this
you make great society
if you do otherwise your the 

I am not a Jew
but my mind explodes
daily at the stupidly
of the gnomes
now I am not saying
living under a Jewish
sky is all rainbows
For sure there is more
than foreskins that need
to be trimmed there

However in what works
in this world we live
in the Jews have
nailed it down best
and I still love
Singapore but
its so sterile
life can not

It was so easy
one two or five 
centuries ago
to keep the sheep
in line
today its chaos
as everybody
has everything on
and we can pick
and choose
like children
at a candy
with a advertisement
if you do this
you will have
candy forever

Right now Right here
little watched TV
is going on
an nobody knows
if it will be influential
because no one
is talking about it

House of Cards
is a rectal examine
of the political system
but no shit seems to stick
to our real politics

The Leftovers
takes the rapture
and asks serious
about how that could be
no matter what the science
behind this exception
of every society
the message
should be
that love
conquers faith
every day
24 seven

House of Cards
and Game of Thrones
tell us
that there
is a hurricane
of power turbines
whirring above us
and they deliver
nothing in the long
so we need to place
a power tax on

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