Monday, 12 June 2017

When you have a problem you cant solve

When you have a problem you cant solve
who you gonna call
if its a waste issue
the plumber
or a short circuit the
and they will make
short work
of it all

If your GDP is underwater
Goldman Sachs can 
profit from that
and in time
every nation
climbs back
from incredible debt
because the asset
is the people and
they are not going
no matter what
no matter how

When the global HVAC 
system gets plugged up
with a human 
hair ball
who you gonna call
Donald Trump
Al Gore
Carl Sagan
Steven Hawkings
Tony Robbins
or what is left
of the rest

Go Daddy put me
on line I got a message
and its past due
prime time
the world is fucked
because humans
care too much
about animal spirits
and superstition
and never listen
when math
is hard

The process now is irreversible 
in a human time line
we are going to all
leaving cockroach farts
because near the end
thats the only protein
the last survivors 
can count on

History is not biased
if you read between the lines
and like a palm reader
humanity seems to have
a death crease
in every fold they make
because hubris is not
one of the seven deadly sins
a fault of the old guys
who decided it was too
big of a word
for the human world

The TV series the 100
is a metaphor for our
current human condition
everybody is not going
to survive
and those that do
will be spaced for
the slightest infraction
because when life is hanging
by a thread every gram of
counterproductive weight
will be rejected by the hive
mind dedicated to survival
and though humans are
way up the scale over
bees wasps and ants
we share the same
inborn intelligence

Why did Norway using
the PET formula to accumulate
at trillion dollars
make a end of the world
seed bank?

Why do the richest men in the 
world have a condo in a missile silo?

Why is New Zealand more holy
than Jerusalem?

The seventh and my count could be wrong
will start out with more than you and me
when it comes to post apocalyptic growth
and the reason we all failed for all those
generations going back millions of years
was because of the sun
we all knew the skygod
and made him
number one

I am a Canadian
son of immigrant parents
one from the Hungarian Revolution
the other a daughter of a family
fleeing white Russian in Finland
my birth story is the story of every
constant conflict over gold
and the people with no gold
pay the price
every time

I would like to see
a nation rising
in the vision of PET
hunker down and prepare
for the Zombie Apocalypse
because due to geography
we are most likely to rise
after the rest of the world
has died

Forget helping Africa
and Haiti we have done
this since liberation
and the scene
there is always
more insane
and the money
is all in Switzerland
and the do goober
drive around in 
Range Rovers
and ask us
for a helping

Canada is a lifeboat
for the present
and a speedboat
into the future

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