Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Happy 150 Canada!

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The idea of nations to the surprise of most who live in one is a modern invention.  One country under God only solidified in the 17th century, and it was the cover for imperialism.

Living next to the biggest myth builders of all time, its remarkable that Canada even exists at this time. For sure we were the worlds greatest pikers for failing to follow the American Dream circa 1776. We even fought and drew blood in 1812 but for what reason? I believe that the Americans were a splinter group from the Illuminati who dissenter due to what Adam Smith had to say. England just had too extravagant tastes in a land where communications took six months at best.
You can send as many virgins as you like to stamp out sex at the cathouse, but the one who does not fuck will be killed by the others.

The colonies were always a place for second and later sons to thrive and beat the first born by actually winning a race.  So wonderful was this experience a word was invented by the French to describe it: egalitarianism. Being English the sons of Shakespeare refined the word into meritocracy. A little linguistic flavour proving that by being bi polar in ancestory made Canada the best nation ever
to combat the mental illness of the world.

Canada was born on stolen land. Thats the truth and if the law we pretend today
was in existence yesterday we post 16th century settlers would all be in jail and likely making packages of prison panties to be sold on Geronimo.

Who has not stolen something, let them throw the first stone.  Life is a game of Risk, the fact that we can define and try to control this game play is what makes

The indigenous people of Canada I doubt come from here.  Look at their faces and what do you see Chinese or Mongolian or Nepalese. I call them the first Hippies, because they live off the land and just live natural and nobody owes
anything or anybody and thats the thing the infestation of anglo saxons feared
and could not let such freedom breed.

I was born in 1958 a child of the Hungarian revolution which spilled over in spectacular ways to Canada. With the tacit approval of the Soviet Union hundreds of thousands of Hungarians came to Canada to be fed.

If you believe all races are equal your a fool. People are like dogs
and everybody loves a dog. Some dogs are attack dogs and others will
make you wet with kisses, humans are the same. The bred does not define
the characteristics but its an indicator, and if you put large groups together
they get all simplistic. Humans are animals plain and simple.

Humans are social creatures by habit. In Canada we have made best use of this social media to create the best place for all humans to live on this planet.
I lived in Austria for 7 years and I will tell you it blew me away. For a skilled white guy paradise.  I dont want to say the wrong thing about Austria a nation
I admire above all other.  They dont have the tools to integrate. Integration is
not a forward progression. In fact most third world immigrants are still stuck intellectually
in a lost century.

In my mind anyone who believes in Gods will
has sacrificed their squirrel life here on earth
and if you want to be a squirrel and 
run that cage to the max
Canada has succeeded 
to place that energy.

Canada is a place where
everyone in the human
race can feel at home
and that blows out
the candles
at any celebration


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    1. Same to you 29! We wake up an all we care about is the weather.