Monday, 11 December 2017

Shit stained underwear

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Everything is history to what happens today. What we need is to learn from that and prevent more disasters tomorrow.

Right now in the world of the future where lost. Blade Runner was set in 2019, 2001 a space odyssey is beyond the current dreams of NASA. So where the prophets wrong, or did society take a Chinese detour. The Chinese had a society that stagnated for 6000 years.

Upon the assassination of JFK we stopped moving forward. The Deep state moved in and consolidated the past to profit forever in the future.

Things went well until the blow back of Watergate. Am I the only one who believes that Bob Woodward could be a asset. Some people think the Watergate break-in was performed by the same team that worked Dallas. The purpose being to keep a lid on Nixon.

Then Jimmy Carter was virtually assassinated in Iran. The people who controlled the oil
gave him trouble big time. His attempt at rescue died in a mysterious dessert. The savior of the American people Ronald Reagan watched the hostages go free milliseconds after he
was President. Then you go on to Iran Contra, and containers full of weapons for Iran. We are all supposed to believe none of this happened.

This team moves forward and GHWB becomes a President who
is amazed at bar codes. For this flaw Clinton becomes President
who passes the anti welfare laws
and through proxy wages
war on Russian 
in the former
the Albanian mafia
becomes our
best friend

Then Al Gore
the ultimate
perfect candiate
loses due to 
heavy breathing
in a debate
where GWB
can barely

Nobody cares
after 911
that the people
so bold at PNAC
said they wanted
something like
this to happen

Do not want to 
go all deep into
conspiracy theory
but jet fuel burning
does not melt steel
Steel melts at 1200
If you want to make
steel you need coal
to hit those temp
with applied oxygen
there is no scientific
explanation of how the
two towers fell
let alone building

just one more little
detail that has alway
been sad for me
the people
at tower
two said 
do not 

In summary Owen
when you are playing
in this rarefied playground
with high stakes
in the trillions
I would speculate
that Muller is

Saturday, 9 December 2017

I am all in for you

take all the marbles
and the mind
and the shiny
and the
abilty to
track through
and I am
your pefect
self driving
full o f
of the web

I am doing a Gods Work

I am doing
Gods Work
God does not exist
I pick up the slack

Am I being paranoid about being Mr Robot

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I keep getting these pop up 
asking me to take a test
for schizophrenia

When I put on my tin foil hat
I dont here no voices

I do not think
anyone is out
to get me as an
but the man
is after my
every day

I just wonder
who targeted
me with this test
and why?

I take it as a sign
that someone
thinkingaboot me
is worried
I might
be on to

There have been
many variations
of the same program
probably the most
successful one
was the crossword
puzzle in the 
London Times
that got workers
for decoding
the Egnima

Through the years
I have spotted other
efforts like full
page ads
in the international
herald tribune
but the internet
is more push
than pull

A stupid argument

Person A says something will be carbon neutral or even positive. Pearson B will claim the manufacturing process of the carbon neutral device means it is actually creating more carbon.

There are few carbon credits in producing a product. However in the case I am thinking about its just nonsense. 

A yacht maker said that with the 1 kilowatt array built into the boat the ship would be carbon neutral at port. The idiot claimed that the manufacturing process for solar cells would make it a carbon threat. They promoted the idea that running a diesel engine to make electricity was actually more better than solar cells from the standpoint of being net zero.

Dude lets look at the carbon debt of a diesel engine part by part, then compare that to a solar cell. Furthermore a solar cell when finished does not burn any carbon, but a diesel engine is created to do just that. Plus oil changes, filters
belts, glow plugs forever.

Scopes Monkey Trial Redux

Tennessee v. John T. Scopes Trial- Outdoor proceedings on July 20, 1925, showing William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow. (2 of 4 photos) (2898243103) crop.jpg
We are going to have a EPA sponsored public debate on global warming.
Where Ted Cruz caliber deniers will make mincemeat out of thoughtful scientists
who cant position quickly.

In the original case it was found that the Skygod made us.

I expect the same outcome from this debate. Man is not a God, so he could not affect the planet,

City of the Future working the present

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Shenzhen, I traveled through it multiple times, but aside from the train station never actually let it touch me.

Today if you have a dream you can describe this city will have a prototype delivered to your room before you wake up.