Saturday, 4 April 2020


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As is sit today with great unease
I see the vista of the past
with great authority
Pierre Elliot Trudeau
was prescient
with his NEP and
and Mulroney was
a bag man

That can not be changed now
but Canada knows now
that the USA
will break every promise
so we need to 
be promise keepers
to ourselves

This means that food and medicine
no matter what the cost
must be in the hands of Canadians
for Canadians and without restrictions
Secondly we must know
that if times get tough
the Americans are cumming for
what they need
and like Switzerland
we should prepare.

If America can not invade
IRAQ or Syria
there should be 
no problem for 
Canada to make
them think twice
or three time before
crossing the border

Traitors who IMHO
have littered Canadian history
and more every day
need to be sent
back to the USA

Monday, 23 March 2020

WHO failed institutions

Our institutions have failded and failed and faild.
Democracy is just a dream without strong institutions
even in the best democracy they have been proven
let alone the UN
where the WHO
has killed the world
through inaction
which I alledge was
paid for

Sunday, 15 March 2020

28 weeks later

That was an excellent Zombie movie
so I will try to predict 28 weeks later
with this

First and formost
modern science seems
to have no idea
how to stop this
it took ten years
or more to make
the AIDS virus
a chronic desease
but dispite all our
super computers
and fruit flys
making a million
generations of exposure
we are helpless
in the face of this
SARS like virus
I call bullshit
I call this virus
is not a virus
its a weapon
made by persons
and the outcome
of its mortality
is up in the air

This virus will
make the world
more socialist
for sure
because the only
way forward
is to pull together
income is no protection
from germs
in the air

Thursday, 12 March 2020

travel will never recover

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One day when the Covie 19
is over
we will think back
about how stupid we
and could have stopped
it dead if the WHO
had courage

In the future
you wont
travel without
a pre flight

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Batten Down the Hatches

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Into the normal maelstrom of life
we have inserted a Trump and
a clown Prince.
The price of oil is crashing
the value of credibility
is in a tailspin
and a pandemic of unknown
origins is sweeping the world
backed by superior
psych ops
It not a bad 
Golan and Globus Movie
its real reality tv.

You are what you eat you become what you think

Curcumin is obtained from turmeric, pictured here
Long lasting civilizations like China and India have learned the real meaning of health foods.  Modern science may deliver that in a culturally neutral way. I would never eat curry but will take a pill.

Its also increasingly clear, being a vegetarian is more scientific than eating meat.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Modern Life Stealing Life

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The more we progress
the less we become
our thoughts are
less and less our
own and just
what we
were given
for free
and now
call ours

Listen to a half
decent audio system
even a low volume
now your headphones
and ear buds
and bluetooth speaker
and even for most
the care
this in a entrance
for rap because
you cant hear
the music
so the sound
remains the same
whether your listening
to Betoveen
or Snoop Dog
your ears have
been blinded
and over exposed
and just like
the sense of taste has
all gone Monsanto
with salt and chemicals that
no earth person needs

Listen to me
I can decide
what is right
for you