Friday, 31 October 2014

I am not stupid nor a scientest!

This talking point blew me away. Vote accordingly you stupid Americans.

Van Gough cut his ear off to save me!

Van gough cut his ear off for me
some say it was he was crazy
I say he just did not know
another way to keep 
the crazy voices of humanity
at bay.

I got no traction
I say things so diamond
and they are viewed as glass
like I am some kind
of wordy smartass

No I should not be a respected one
I have lived on vapors 
for my entire life
but if you are bound in concrete
the flow will still get to you
we vapors and solids
need to co exist to meet
the great challenge
comming as mist

The challenge defined by climate change
we smart monkees have put our ignorant paws
on the great thermal exchange
we have distributed the flows
in the way a billion years ecology
can not explain
so pay no regard to those who
say human models never
predicted it would come down 
this way

Strap on and suit
its going to be a bumpy ride
and at the end of the fair
you will likely die

I almost cut my hair

Wow was that a freaky way to deal with the problems of today.
Just like tatoos expresse a thing long hair can no longer do
a people who say fuck you. fuck you we can not swim
fast enough to reach your bar
If we reproduce it will be in prision
and that aside from abortion
is the best case senario.

I know every living human
as a soul brother
because I have shared
their pain
in a empathetic way
having traveled
on their hardship train.

Human hardship is such a disgrace
to the name human
we can do everything
we just lack for want
and time
and lets do it 
the right way
lets go scientific
on this big swing
to the big time

Fix this planet
should be the ideal
but the Royaly
would say
poo poo
we will only 
reinforce our
castles in the sand

The solutions are obvious
the reactionary force
so oblivious
can we not 
just move on
make a movie?

John Prine

In a world full of first world problems never solved this mans tale is one for the books. I saw him twice and for that reason he has a bigger place in my heart than Bob Dylan. If your smart enough to realize Dylan is a genius that comes by once in a millennial, go for Prine he is like a century or two.

Do you really want to hurt me!

Thats the question we should all ask ourselves in the inverse as we proceed towards our destiny hopeful in the sky.

Hurting people or animals or in some cases insects is counterproductive
and the waves of pain can become tsunamis of violence and regret
that shift time.

Hurt is a a animal instinct that we all have. IMHO in our schools
we should train young minds
to appreciate the three Rs
without technology
and in other aspects of life
the yutes should know 
the truth
that defies mathematics, language and intelligent interpertation
we are all just human
humans are like monkeys
with better PR
and to shine some
light on this world
might save us
from a great extintion
because following
a monkey brain
and three word
slogans will lead us
not to Nirvania
but dystopia.
This should be so 
clear to the thinking mind
so I got to wonder if goverment
funded education
has a  master plan
to make some one somewhere
the ultimate ruler
of a Zombie timeframe.

Keep your secrets to yourself
do not share the stones of power
this are the rules we live
by and while it makes the rich richer
it makes living a cesspile.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Harper tax cuts over 6 years would pay for a Maglev train between Montreal and Toronto

Do you think all those individual people will put their cash to a better use?
Sure east west north south Canada makes no sense. Is there anything in the world that makes more sense than Canada? Well lets magleve this lever!

Jian Gomish

Maybe I spelled the name wrong on purpose, is that not a punch to the face.
Maybe I dont know who I am talking about
and just cant get over the fact
that somebody might have scored
except he was fighting the Taliban internally.

I know nothing about sex
and nothing about picking up chicks
I know that chocking them and punching them
repeatedly in the face is not a great way to get
to second base.

Now I could be wrong and culture
has escaped me
like Kim Kardashian
considered a great face.

I was never one who could play
the ladies
I was always shut out
for a guy who
could score at will
he certainly gave himself
a self imposed
long time out.