Tuesday, 28 March 2017

If you can read this we are all the same

Motherfucker you told me
they were my cousins
so is that why
they think they
are Thor
and can
the planet
like the Roman
X that raped Mary
making Jesus all
with fishes and loves
when if he was really
the child of God
he would
have written
Thinkaboot it !

Victory achieved by Violence are under a greaT pain of explanation

If you want to win
hug not thug

Killing Intelligence for selfish rule

Come on people be honest
if you had bloody well
dragged your worthless
ass to the top of the 
what would you
to stay king
in a world
that is so simple
to the great apes
that we wonder
we copy them
every time
we have a
natural choice

If the goal is to rule
the ruler becomes
the King
and these are
such flimpsy things
based upon
non faribichi
and plastics
and even
better in the eyes
of the ignorant
carbon fiber

do you realize
as the Flamming Lips
you have the most
beautiful face in
the world
and as I stand
here today
I would need
God to explain
me why
it was not
carbon fiber

Been a long time in insect years

Everything we talk about or do not tweet is pure bullshit 
like every human discussion. Its just how much bullshit
can be harvested to make product. I am making tons of product by have no buyers. I always think my product is new on the market and yet to be discovered. I know it primo grass
that if purchased will bring happiness.

So as usual I wrote it down with divine inspiration. Cause I am a God. Everyone is God, its not like everyone is Neegan, no its more personal and we have to stop denying
space to the squirrels we run over on the leafy streets
of Westmount and every leafy borough in the world.

Winter is coming and if we are all truly trees
when we drop our leaves
it could be a Boston like 
long time
before the music plays
to indicate
we have
after all

Steve the Jones Spaceman dropout

Having all the time in the world to get to a windblown destination

That's sailing
on a self sufficient boat
because the world
is still big
and there are
that someone
with enough
cash or native
cunning can
live free
and happy
especially now
that smoking pot
will not get you
burned in a funeral

Big fish catch your
plastic lure
and you filet
them and
throw them 
on a gymbaled
powered by
flash wine
and twine
made of carbon
and the faith
if you put
a hook in the 
ocean and wait
the hit makes
the time
and that's
the programming
of humans
in general
or worse
cause the barons
want ignorance
and they train
their slaves
not to think so
and you cant deny DNA
if you want to buy stupid
go to the largest
chain store

America was the chrysalis
but it was aborted
by the second world
that's when civilisation
went into decline
and was captured
by men who want
to read your mind

Humans are animals that
have basic instincts in 
constant conflicts
we want to rule
we want to be free
and everyday we 
see the futility
of this dichotomy
on TV

Squaring the circle
of humanity is the 
project bigger
than free energy
both are necessary
but you cant have
the second without
the first

Its the bruts and child molesters
that hold us
back and
we all know 
why that was
because in their
they were under
constant attack
and tension
from hard men

Today if you do 
a google search
you will find
them all in a pen 
of their own
its called
the City of London

We live in a four F world

Fucking Fighting and Fleeing
is the history of mankind
oh please bring on the
sheild madiens
and philosphers
who can bring
some order
to the childbirth

Thursday, 23 March 2017

No one wants a capitien on their ship

Even the Captian would
agree its a piss poor
all that responsiblity

thats why we need
advaced techology
to make those
life saving decisions
in real time and
if they fail
1% of the time
they will prevent
99% of the disastors
of humanking
that is of course
if the machines
that the nut
at the wheel
the human
must be accomadated
to complete the mission