Thursday, 5 March 2015

Quant F

Certianly the Quant F is the most exotic car on the planet today. It has flow cell batteries. This gives it a range of 600 Km. The company envisions fuel stations where the customer just replaces the exhausted electolycte with fresh in minutes.
It goes as fast as it looks, zero to 60 in 3 sec and top speed of 300Kph.

Beam me one now! 

Realisticly I expect even the  Exotic Racing school will never have one.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Every letter I type is an encolplida
for those that can read
between the lines
even those who are
functionally illiterate
there is some kind of text
just on the Roget side
of mine

yOU know no matter what
I will not have the impact
of a single Cesar
and that should keep you
up at night

House of Cards Season Three Review

House of Cards is not listed in my top ten TV shows.  Seasons three confirms this is a huge oversight. I do not have Orange is the New Black their either and thats on purpose, but House of Cards was dealt by omission.

Bottom line the producers who are are allegedly leftist sympathisers make the point that we can love and elect and re elect narcissistic physocpaths till the cows come home. I love Frank Underwood and it would take a pretty good alternative candidate to get me to vote for another. House of Cards reveals with I am sure some very inside information just how government works, and why the perks
make the President the biggest pimp in the world with the same ethics.

The princess bride, its so strange in this event she gives no erotic fumes off
despite her beauty. To make on TV such a beautiful woman so unattractive is worth many Emmies but its testament that smart people can make you think aboot it through their lens and you never even noticed.

House of Cards to me is less fictionalised than the Bush White house and for sure Obama will have his screen time immortalised, but I got to ask for wha?
We are going to make a movie about Obamacare and we need a lead.
Bengazi has already been done with the numbers game.

Like a great band the first album is useally the best.  House of Cards season three has more musicality and relevance than the first two, and for that I salute thee.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Been dicking the captians wife

And the name does not ryme

with enought

I just found her

in my bed

and why

I did not ask

because those

questions will

be answerd when

I am old

or dead

Tonite I will hold


and just

go with the flow

Flip the hinge

Flip the hinge for vilance or
flip the hinge for peace
it is not much differant
today in outcome
so bash away
and hope
we get some
victims consiuxe

Pasta an Empire thinking aboot Food

Thats a legacy

Snowpatrol at 45%

Why not go full stream?
Another boy band that 
just did not thinkaboot it.

The world is waiting for
handsome young lads
with something to 

So far as i see it
it has been decades of pathetic
KATY PERRY oh please
her protest is buried in her

 I can not think today
of two bands that
present to the public
in a new way
exept of course
Arcade Fire

They should not have
to stand alone!