Thursday, 22 June 2017

Bee careful who yo sleep with if you dont want to get stung

Isreaial and Saudi are so into the pillows. What does it mean?

There are no victories to be held here

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzew  we defeated the Nazi. That was some kind of victory, but during operation paperclip we re enfranchised them, it was a firecracker victory.
Stop the fireworks. Great Nazi who had skills became great Americans and one
of those assholes put a man on the moon.

We can make may
or october
on thrust
but in
the end
will do
of crazy
stay in power

we are all consumed by nonsense

we are all consumed by nonsense
nothing expresses this better
than the pro team draft
where we care for brief
momement about absolulte
little kids that
wanted that goal
and worked
tottaly to do
and in
the end as
a first round
draft pick
cant make
the AHL

try I mean
watch the Hunger
but if you want
you have to leave
all the laudry on the
and hope
for a refreshing

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Technological Appendages

Image result for 7 years in tibet images
Giving space
thats my territory
and I accept invaders

For example
anyone who tells
you headphones
are the answer
has already surrendered
yes they are a great comprise
but like virtual reality
no comparison to the real thing

As our lives become
completely digitized
can we not ask ourselves
what is left of
analog human
even if we cant
interface with
the newest tech

Whats the fucking purpose
Whats the fucking goal
to make another
billion economist approved
bullshit and it ends
worse than the
CHinese invasion
of Tibet

Does anyone care anymore

Its a constant assault on humanity
the news 24/7
make make us better
but really is it all
why should I feel
the pain of another
lost family 
in Pakistan
or why should my children
need to explain
to someone
how they are
from the Jihadists
the Muslim scum
that desecrate
this place

Let me temper that
last statement
a bit
if you read this 
I get along real
with true believers
of every faith
but those who kill
in Gods name
are apospthe