Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Saudi Arabia is a Medival Empire

So why is the Harper goverment selling it weapons. No country in the world is more responsible for jihad than Saudi. No principles left in Canada goverment.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The little things that let us roll faster, better, stronger and more sustainably

Bearing, are everywhere. Build a better bearing and billions of Horsepower will be saved. This is a significant move forward.

H/T Gizmag

More Songs about Honey and Food

Dead Bees mean dead humans
how can we be so stupid
here is a giant PSA
stop killing the bees
get up off your knees
and just say no
to Mr Chemical Man.

Hey Mr Chemical Man
sell your stock for free
let the birds and the bees
be nature
and bring pollination
back to save the nation

Star Trek HQ

The skyline of Shanghai has a certain UFO Je ne sais quoi. Now one entrepreneur  has gone were no man has boldly gone before. Live long and prosper Liu Dejian.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

no more coal in ONtario

I felt a great sadness
due to the days
filled with smog
and then the goverment
with great bravery
closed those plants down

now id == take us grANTED
after that
while thats the way
the wynee blows
but as a matter of fact
I breather easy
cause a gobermet
said yes to

We have no solution to life

Thats the simple truth to the people sailiing away from Libya and ISIS in general.  Well I can point out another time in history were we were stupid and did nothing. Galllapoli . We are all living in some king of lifefraft believe me.
So do I die todays or an bLAck man yesterday. Is there really any differance
as the band plays, we are dead black and white

Thats way to harsh livng in the mans world

I fear a sixth ectiction but you can be hopful\the people in charge will not bill their own self destruction

Nobody does stuff for fun, do not beieve the hype

we all got at the core
some kind of personality
and if you have lived my life
back in the seventies
and what you have to deal
with now
I would just say do what
I do
I just said fuck you
and I do not find the princess
all that attractive

I know thats not an option today
the man has found a way
to make a profit off puberty
and not only that a hope
if nothing comes along better
old age.

The resistane to this kind of mind
is all you can do
however we can not prevent
people who like a pickup
from distoring our green gains
so I am worried
but the great thing
I know from personal
experiece the private selfoff
of public resources
No one went to jail
and we complain about it
daily to no advails