Thursday, 1 December 2016

You like your Cock where it is then I tell you how to fuck the Chinese

Chinese never understand me
wrong I respect
like death
from above
if it had an
accrurate targeting
system that was not
6000 years old

So baby I love you
and I think we can
do this together
but you dont make
enough money for
us to both afford
the plan so I will
marry miss horsefasce
because she has already
run the race and won so many time
I blame Prince Charles
and that brand
but hey hey hey
there is a chance
I think your beautiful
despite all the
and you dont have
a publisit
or a make up
and you were
made to fit
go girl go girl
I tried that
and when
I regained consiouss
it was you
not wieght
not model
not famous
I was just rockin
bien g with you
cause your my
soul mate
and even lucifre
would have prob
with the HVAC
on me an you

But one thing I know
in my brief life
it was being with
you that made
me at any time
willing to make the ultimat
sacrifice to save you
and thank God or the
Giant Pizza Monster
we do not deal with life
as ordering pizza
but in the end
from the thousand
yard stare
your all going
to face
a compkter

Money its a Gas

We are talking Pink Flyiod
cirea 1871 or later
but its still money]
and most peeople
know they pay

So money its a gas
is that a Sonnerrcomando
where your friends take
all you got
to kill you
that four months
is all they have got

Talk a bout a dilimma
but it should be instructive
how long do you want to live
carry carry carrry on with
extensital backpack this

Believe me know and I will
tell you later verbally
this is the sixth extictin
from the time mammals
could remeber
there was all lots
of stinky stuff that
went on before
the dinisorus
had enought

What to do today
is the question
and how to survieve
is the bigger question

So we got to stop today
burring carbon
and its like saying
to a Herion addict
kill all poppies
but in the real life
we got to stop
the injection of
and start thinking
for ourselves
for a good while
and then after\
good meditaton
it will be near
obviously much
closer than the
Trump Election
that the anwer
was hydrogen


I got great hair, flowing sensuous biblical hair. So as Samson I went to barber
and he cut me NCIS style, or what every man in the land seems to wear these days and I think back to the time I cried when my parents wanted to cut my locks.
I think about letting my freak flag fly and how that did not accomplish alot
and most of all Jeez I like my shaved head for comfort.

Trump Diary Day 8ish: Trump firmly in command

Love him or hate him
one thing Trump has already
is that he is incredibly effective
and hits goals
like a hellfire
at a wedding party

The Carrier thing
aint no small beer
he backed down
the military industrial complex
in their HVAC pursuits
and maybe we will find
he over payed
but for fucks sake he is not
even president
and he is twisting the Man's

The existential question of the Trump Presidency
is all in the delivery
of policy that upsets the apple
cart and gives all the hangers
on terminal farts
because the reality distortion
field can no longer contain
the stink

Humans are simple beings
most at home living like
mountain gorillas
and never doubt every
man wants to be a 
silver back
no one could have imagined
and squirrel back
would rule
and this is revisionary
in social media
and places
where books 
are read as well
its just a new new new
newness that we needed
so bad
and its being delivered
by a 71 year old lad

Trumps a racist and he hates women
that is so disgusting 
repeating that should be a hate crime
Trump likes to win and he assembles
his team with that dream
and based upon his track
record we are going to feel 
really good for the next four

Just like Reagan who IMHO
set the world on fire
we have Trump and
he will sail 
and the rest of us
will digest the statistics
that say its way way better
but wonder why the food
bank we depended on 
has closed
while we find
you own one share of 
milo mindbender
envelopes cooling in 
our dead fridge

Gravity and thermodynamics together
can just about capture the whole
range of human expression
while gravity works at 9.8 meters
per second thermodynamics is like
a human 
taking time to warm up or turn cold
but once we both do
if your on the wrong side
of the equation
your dead

Monday, 28 November 2016

Despite cashing all the chips on the F35 a major collatrall damage blind spot revealed

The Chinese and Russians are cheating at air war. They have 20 ft long hypersonic cannons that work beyond visual range and we have 12 ft ethical weapons meant to be used in an old world dogfight.

Shooting down anything that moves. The Soviets and the Chinese are all up and the USA has nothing on the table. It seems that silo vision has no spending limit.
In plain speak, collateral damage in the air is so much less than on the ground, except for the Hindenburg effect, which seems to cripple Hydrogen even as we speak of the need to find alternative energy that is practical.

Even Moneyball players find Math is Hard

Its very clear that Moneyball was a great movie but despite all the math these guys are barbies and they are pulling on the wrong string. I have been cold and cold on Westworld, it deals with ideas dead as the Terminator, mowing grass well clipped. However in this bionic age I can only hope it stirs some non connected thought in the Yutes of today. I still stay fuck robots will make most women extinct. I am so glad I was never a gladiator in the future world.

Fidel, carding as a response to Black Live Matter and international jihad

Fidel, carding as a response to Black Live Matter
and international jihad
all hard truths
that must spill
and asked to act as
glue but their
not acid, acetone

Lets just take
them one by one
and march them hard
until like ducks
they line up in a row
so some hunter
can beam with pride
how he killed
a clay pigeon

Carding and it more aggressive bro
stop and frisk
can almost unarguably
be prove to be
a very brisk
broom for which
the streets need
to be clean
especially on mornings
following Saturday night
if you have not woken up
on the Sunday morning sidewalk
you head an island in a sea
of puke
then you really have not
but not recommend
for all of the above

In 2016 for Black people to
suffer the indignity and aggressive
race war
of carding and stop and frisk
is a crime against humanity
first world problem
of significant moral

We can look to sports
for guidance of best practises
colour obviously all put to one
side except for the all encompassing
diverse attraction of green
They don't call it money ball for 
nothing but is that really what
its worth
Horseflesh is it statistical
or its it intangible
is it art or science
or can the two be merged
to create one champion

Carding is moneyball for criminals
its a mathematical way to reduce
statistics in a seemingly positive way
but like the drone death from above
the math may be adding up backwards
because the sum of elimination
just makes the product worse

Math aside carding sucks balls
its totally against any norm of human rights
or just society
it does not matter 
even if it works
because making the trains
run on time
is a great thing
if done with a sliver dime
but if you contaminate the currency
with cheap metal ethics
a society will eventually
and go to waste

Now on to Fidel
may he rest in peace
the greatest MAN fighter
of the human race
How can we measure a man
like Fidel
who walked this world with
Giant steps
and clearly read
all his press clippings
he killed alot of people
probably directly in the 
thousand and all the collatrall
damage can never be 

But just who is judging him
from above GWB or Tony Blair
the King of Saudi Arabia
or the latest president
of Aganistian
lets not start on Egypt
or even Israel
the fact of life
if you want
to live as a functional
defensible nation
 in this world
you gotta kill

If you celebrate Fidel's life
your a glass half full
if you rejoice at his death
its half empty for you

Can we measure his barbarity
by how much he enjoyed the crime
can we compare his paranoia
to the Snooper laws just put into the 
disporia in the UK
when your a villain in a Monty Python
and avoiding exploding cigars is your 
perhaps you cull the herd a little
only because you really like
your job
and most of all
you want to stay alive

Is history a biography of great men
or are great men just footnotes in history
another question about angles dancing
on the head of pin
we can never answer because
of all the cause and effect
variables and how they are
never direct
and shots taken
linger in time
sometimes for generations
but time to time some
lucky food gets the game
shot at decades or even
centuries ago

Now you feel me
we gotta be ahead
of Islamic terrorism
and its not safe to have
a jihady sleeping in 
your bed

Sharia law is worse than carding
its worse than anything Fidel ever did
it should be outlawed by every civil society
just like the Spanish Inquisition did
The problem with Islam as I see it
is like the problem with Kansas
as described by Tomas Franks
people work against their own
self interests when they
grow up in a land
infested with silos
because that's the only 
way to bring the crops
to market
that's the only 
way to get payed
and for mammon
people will know
what they disbelieve
and wantonly take
pay to know nothing
about something 
they know everything
and even lobby to make
it public policy
case in point
the F35
and that's a life
and death matter
self described