Saturday, 24 September 2016

What I Like About You

Is that I dont have to search for reasons to love you

iN THE backwood of human existance

In America today you have only'
two chocies
or be a slave
choose carefully

Just beimg average prdp [r rod ORDINGARY WOLRD

yeah its a mind flash
no lightiing goig
to illumite this
but you will
live and that
is a good fact
m[ ;tjre wpor;d
world as a
,at ,,, MATTER
of a faCT

Floating in the reality of beauty

That has been
my most fortuatet;
and for the
feast I got you
behind the beauty
a beating herat
rare details these

If you pull my crooked teeth I will be perfect just like you

Well I got more than crooked teeth to fix
but I do want to be perfect
I dont know why
cause my life
is just about
for a human
in 2016
and paradise
one hundred years

Ripple on still water challange

Hey I am here
I jacked up
and now lets try
and do the that wavy thing
on pond with music
giving the waves

Every wave has a drop point
and no matter what
the tusma,ioc
crashing on the shore
most die
as just anomoly
but there
are waves comming
that will be messages
from mother
and ignore them
at your preil
but the only way
our civiliatsion
surviee is communist
and I will be tweeting
about our prefect pest
but the only intistution
we belikved in is the
soo comuumsit
that Karl Marxx
woudl aprove