Sunday, 21 October 2018

SWATH Mono Hull

I have long kicked around the idea of a better mono hull sailboat. Well the SWATH monhull above may be the greatest idea ever. The SWATH buoyancy amas would be connected to the hull with some kind of foil lift. Anybody with real deep pockets want to join my revolution?

Industrial food I can consume

Eggs, love them, need them, agree with this kind of production.

New Home Construction Best Practices

62% of household energy is used for heating. The code for Canada should be air source heat pumps and radiant heating. I would also ban fiberglass insulation, 100% vinyl windows and asphalt shingles.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

The Kashoggi Identity

Image result for images of the butterfly effect
Like a character out of a Bourne 
novel a so called journalist
is hacked to bits
inside the foreign embassy
and the world
asks a collective
why and who

The belated
oft changed
official story is
that Kashoggi
got into a fist fight
at the embassy
and the choke hold
of deescalation
terminated him
and we still have
not heard what 
officially happened to 
the body

This story will work
well for the people
who believe the official
tale of 911 and the 
Kennedy assassination
the difference is
those story lines
were much better
crafted and had
plausible deniability
built in

One of my favorite
moments in history
is the publishing of 
Gulliver's Travels
a book that
set much of the world

The consequences
of Kashoggi
will have a bigger
butterfly effect
unlikely to be

Friday, 19 October 2018

Politically Correct Literature

Related image
Many classics are being banned
from the schoolhouse
and IMHO old white
privileged male
opinion its a
great loss

Many of the books
I was forced to read
in school did me 
a lot of good
and number one
To Kill a Mockingbird
maybe they could just
change the bad word
to N word
If there is any book
that has done more
to combat racism
by whites against blacks
than to Kill a Mocking Bird
let me know
I have no idea what
number two would

Lord of the Flies is
another under attack
and once again
its a very fine
book explaining
the animal nature
of humans and how
easily we can
succumb to it
and be manipulated
by it

How long before
1984 is on the list
because its no longer
non fiction

Wireless Switches

H/T Multihull Design Blog

This is a simple use of technology that 
blows me and should blow you

Chances are half the wiring
in your house is just switches
and copper dont grow
on trees.

Less holes in the building
envelope and
hundreds of expensive
labour hours saved

Home run
for technology