Sunday, 18 February 2018

Gitmo taken over by the inmates

Thats the truth
and why the war
is fake news
there never
was a war
and it
strains the
resouces of
the war
to find

The department of justice lies

Image result for images of lies

I can not identify
anyone post
soviet because
they have layers
and lawyers
that bite

13 condemed citizens needing fair representation

Image result for images of troll farms
I have worked at a troll farm
the man calls it a call center
and for sure there
are crimes
the FBI
but they never
the company
that squees
the law
like a lemon
in Tequilia
to the election

I just heard on the Radio
that serious crimes
will bring down Trump
Lie on facebook and
its gitmoo the precenden
has been set

For all the citizens
of the world that have
lied on social media
we are going to kick
down your door
and how are you going
to come
with your hands
on your heads
or on the trigger
of a gun

Saturday, 17 February 2018

I enjoy eating shit today even though its not Caribou

Image result for images of eating carbbiu shti\
Caribou shit is so full
of nutriets you could
not understand
unlees you were
free thinking
and that is

Global people known
better and we all
will fall in line
with the prompts
from social
little Gertal
you have a fat
ass behind
pay me five
dollars and I
will cover your

So it goes on
and on to medieval
and thats a place
we still have
in the 21 first
century world
lets stop talking
about flyint
and look
into female
if you want
to have the
best ride

I cant think
to image
a society
a women having
pleasure was
a sin
and how
a man could
stuff his cock
into a dead
just because
it might bring
him children
some of them
who would
have the same
horrific expericence

If we want to get
better we got
to say like the
label on every
do not strike
yourself on the
head with
this tool

Unwed Fathers is why we need sex ed

By biology men
can spread themselves
around without consequence
but women
they get pregnant

Its Gods will
I expect many to
and I cant not agree
we should stop
fucking to keep 
the animal populaton
on earth sustaniable
its a small sacrifice in
a great plan

Scary car face

Image result for images of rx7

I am not saying this is the best face ever put on a car. What I am saying is the grilles on many cars today now look more Hannibal Lecherter than Pretty woman, and I have to wonder why?

I love Honda and Accura but right now both are in the ugly phase. Is this a plot to make people keep cars longer, thats my only stupid explanation.

I am my own houhse

Living somewhere is
important to the human
so I call on the catholic
church to spend billions
to give Jesus showers
and food to a dying

The catholic church
is not prime suspect
in humidity decline
but they ruled for
centuries and know
it seems no impact
no exuse but it
seems it wa
Gods will
we would
live worldwide
in misery

Things will get better
in the 5000 world century
and every man
will have a custom