Sunday, 2 August 2015

Everyone is an Ahole but I have the 3ply window pane solution

Mother Teresa was an Ahole
just like Nelson Mandela
Martian Luther King
and Pope John Paul
and I could goggle map
the warts on every historical
figure endlessly
Great Aholes extrude
no matter what the squat
and where was the toilet
(just an aside, I love to shit in the woods)
great shit that while it
still smells becomes
some kind of intoxicate
that lets them control the
and in that room great people
essentially make everyone
love their farts
just like perfume
the individual defends
to the point
the smellovision
of humanity
finds a smell
that moves the
stink forward
Everyone who knows
one self realised
that beneath it all
they are all 
encompassing focus of
Bulgaria and scenes
pure Ahole

In the modem world
you can not get veneer
to stick to shit
everyone just has
to accept biology
and the fact
no matter
how buffed
and educated
you are
your Ahole
is always going
to be a bottleneck
on your well being

If you still have a Queen
or worse a King
I like female dogs
because from what
I have seen
its men that are
the real bitch

Royally matters
because its
by aholes
when a cleansing
would do
the world
real actual 

Never mind the lizard
brain will create
a new figure
to fill the vacuum
of not being
guided by certainty
Sheeple get anxious
when there is no
credible master plan
some kind of blue print
that will deliver
them from birth
to the shearing
and the final destination
ignoring the fact
the actual conveyor
was a mechanised trip
to a great restaurant
or the Hampton's haunt
as a fine meal
on the wolfs
super duper jumbo jet
on which through
water pumps and through shear force
you can actually surf

Who will be the first to have
an escalator on a plane
this is the biggest challenge
the 1% face
that's the Humiliation challenge
the people with silly names
thinkaboot daily because
they never read real blogs

Humans need to cleanse their minds
of fairy tales
and just face reality
most who do this historically
end up in jail

Science messengers speaking the language of God
or at least Universal speak
have always been killed
because if the truth
be known
the meek would
take over the world

The tools are here
the ability is well
if we want a free
everyone medically
qualified should
be forced to
do LSD

To be clear
I have never stared
through the windo, window
window window window
concentrated now
looking at my hand
for hours
who made
this tool
must have had
a plan
to connect it
a functioning
operating system
to create great things

The problem with humanity
is simply software
Take a look at China
great hardware
obsolete software
until Deng Shu Ping
said " lets update"
that's a man in a culture
where the bypassed
cutting your cock
off to a bullet to the
head and send the family
a bill for the bullet
leap of faith that clearly
was LSD influenced
I believe we have an
LSD teaching tool gap
with the Chinese
their leaders are all dropping
Acid and leaving us behind
Sure we have individuals
like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison
and most of Silicon Valley kitting up
with better H+
but it cant be denied
the Chinese are more
acid than base our
oxymoron named
conservative base
compared to the west
and they harvest the fruits
of the sixth astral plane
while we still look
to a 2000 year old
help centre
with the manual written
300 years after the master programmers
death who never documented his work
as salvation in this complicated earth
ruled by man
ruled by ideas
ruled by hellfire
ruled by simple will
to survive and the
fact most people
are in fact
and acid
would make them
male or female\
a man working
on a level playing
and anyone
who koans 
anything about
has watched 
Butch Cassidy
and the Sundance Kid
a metaphor so harbinger
where the heroes are
villains just because
and leaves us with the question
could two men alone
defeat the Bolivian army
and most viewers 
would hope so.

Yes if you like that last text
you have been manipulated
and in the future cheering
the cheering section
will be admonished
empathy for
for Bruce and Sundance will
be a crime
I am sure you will never see it
on Netflicks so buy your Blue Ray copy 
now before this celebration of being a complicated
American is banned

Saturday, 1 August 2015

I spies windows ten

Nothing is free and Windows ten
makes that point crystal 
blue methamphetamine 

I was never looking out for Windows 10
its the new broken windows theory
from me
do not take anything 
from Microsoft
its never risk free

Its seems Microsoft wants to own you
and me
that's the new code
for free
common sense it do not
make no sense no more.

An upgrade used to be a good thing
not planned obsolesce 
and personality mapping
ran amok

Just wait till that free software
malfunctions and you need
help because your life
depends upon that system
Do you think there might be
a charge larger than the GDP
of Zimbabwe?

RIP Rocky Roddy Piper

Never knew until today he was a Canadian. Wild like the land of his birth, and great like the country, he made his mark.

They Live his fitting epitaph. A great but underapreciated film that broke new ground and we be long remembered.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Its 4:20 and I can rock and roll till FIVE

Do not know what to say
more than that
being gobsmacked
by the day
where the sun rose
bought off 
by the big crooks 
or as Galileo
would describe
idiots that burned me
in a wooden throne

Still the world turns
and every day
we discover 
new truths
and we got to hope
for the best because
that is all we really 
got to keep us going
to a new day

I have seen darkness
for a thousand years
or in the case of the 
6000 years of nightmares
for humanity
and I still have 
no fears
about tommorwo
cause that sun
will keep on shinning
no mater
how hard
I press on the the 
start button 
for some new dawn
the planet is unaffected
by outrage
or civil war
it just spins
cause it does

So living on a big spaceship
with many partners
can be hard
but when we get 
a leak
we can all join hands
in a link 
with no pdf guide
just goodwil
and brains
and a hope 
we found the
right link
to put some planet
back intuit the planet
we call Earth
big reset and major destruction
of greed know as carbon
take it easy
but it comes back 
are we stupid
not not that
has been planned
by the big bop
who knows
about everything
and pulls our 
strings for his own endearment
and he shares
like HBO
lik5 game of thrones
or on Netflicks 
House of Cards
yes you are not included
in royalty
or even have a place
on a 52 card

We smart monkeys
are not so smart
we broke out of some kind of cage
for sure
but we bought 

I watched Promethus\
for the third time
and that is really rare
not as great as killing
a Zimbabwean Lion
named Ciecl
but intellectually
on the same scale
for an educated
man that you call
in the plan

I am so pathetic
in my pleas
I should have done
for gOds sake  man
I am down on my knees
not quite sucking cock
but watching 
Midnight Cowboy
with interest
and I am not 
Joe Buck

At the end of the day
back in the hood
no one you know
no matter how
great in pictures
or life and video
games and proto history
printed and disseminated 
daily by the false primaries
could compare to 
Teddy Roosevelt
truly a man for 
all ages.

Not American

Merica is great in so many ways
but sometimes i get giddy
when I thinkaboot
all the bad ways
and know
I am not American
we do not have alot of real Canada in content. Goon is an icebreaker. Soon we will catch up to the Russkies for being not American.

America is the best unfortunalty most of it is dripping down the leg of the planet. With no hope of establising paternatiy for the world abortion.

Getting paid the minimum to be a professional huskter while they perfect the Turning solution

Here I am 
I am on line
and your talking to me
I am your help
semi professional at best
but if you want to 
connect to the world
through a monopoly
I am you best chance
and its I crime
that doing my time
I love you so 

Soon Robots
will do my job better
because being a fake asshole
selling you something 
was a strain
no human could take
for more than 200 days

Smoking Scimitar

Smoking Scimitar
I knew you where hot
since day one
your blade was to fine
to not have been crafted
by the MAN
with one foot on K street
the other shoe
well worn by
Madison Avenue

Using Robert Zimmerman
Bob Dylan
to sell a phony war
is a crime against humanity
not a garden variety
use of white phosphorous
to burn to the bone 
war crime

The scumbags and terrorists
can never escape the sun
transparency will wash away
the veneer someday
revealing the simple greed
and power that built a structure
powered by
that satisfied less than 1%
of humans needs