Friday, 19 January 2018

We got the weed they got the taxes

we got the weed they got the taxes
but still we dont break even
the cops need more
and happy meals
to deal with 
new stoners
who dont know
how to be high

Thursday, 18 January 2018

a hand

 I fear spooky monster
like everyone
but I have
they exist
and no
the future

no bullets lead


THE wind

Yeah I felt that on my
but never thought
that going agaist
a bow
in a ship
would mean
I digrees
from the machine
gpod da,,,ot
overtim e\
kesie dcjost

No Doubet

I have every imagination
and can not
bring the killer
of video
to the truth
of the\
spoken word
at least
and the ackonwege
that it was all global

Human kill or be Killed
or live
that is what propelled
a thousand human worlds
c an w not be
above this brush

not possible


Video killed the modern man

Does Trump read? When GWB was asked to donate all his books to the Presidential Library his wife said " I through out all the colouring books"
Image result for images of how reading changed the brain

Do you read? If you do not read, you do not think. Video is a regression to our ancestors that did not know better. Reading actually changed the human brain and brought us to the life we live today. Perhaps it was against the wishes of GIA. We reject immunizations and the wisdom of words simultaneously while our institution have orangutans running goverment.

Meanwhile the non political people are delving into what primatives
would consider god like territory. What else can you call a gene splice?

The best and worst of Sci Fiction is our headline every day
and what will become of the huddled masses
I expect mass extinction
and I could be right.

Thats the attraction of
Jurassic park
a exclusive controlled
with extinct beasts