Sunday, 31 August 2014

The world is totally out of control

Or more accurately I should say
the dominant species
has lost its mind
there is a revolution comming
big time

China cracking down on Hong Kong
Ebola in Africa
Russia saying no no Mas
in Ukraine
and good old ISIS
still playing
Bob Dylan
as a refrain

The world could not
be any more crazy
and our leaders more
burdened down
with fixed position
and special interests
while Rome

Your in my space

If you look at all the sixties photos of leaders negotiating you can see the dominant one.
Its like they knew a secret.
Nowadays  comming in to my space uninvited
is ruin
A victory for the public teaching of pyscoligy

Little Putty Pout

This guy is no artificial creation
he is James Bond real time
So to understand the man
we got to look at him as he walks the world
what he thinks when he bends down
to pick up a dime
but in order interpret that information
you must understand history
Once more I as a history major
come to the store
that needed to save humanity working half time
by employing me in a ruthless call center
to survive
in cutthroat competition'
with another star
that will no play
by the rules of 
the game.

Little Put Put would shred
you on x box or play station
because he knows 
these are wimp platforms
but would he do so well
on PC? 
Unfortunately thats a discussion 
for another time
cause Putin dont play with pixels
he plays with steel and titanium
and metals so exotic
on wikipedea you 
can search for them
but you will never get
conformation that they are real. 

In a world at war
you have to chose sides
Is Putin the enemy
or it the sphere of Income redistribution
johnny appleseed.

Four maybe five people 
I assume mostly guys
will control the income
from the cash flow side
but the people
under protection
just like the proven model
of the Mafaia
or the Catholic Church
will make sure
every family
has a full tummy
or if one of the begats
has some potential
a full scholarship at
some institution
some doubt if they
do serious research.

Little Puty Put
is the real deal
he did not get electected
some group of powerful 
people said
I like a martini not stured.

when I finally get my shit together
I am going to go to work
in that VIRGINA weather
where the paydays are sky
and you are all serious all the time
because if you make a bad
someone might die
but you can sleep at night
in a comfrort
because no way 
you are ever 
going to be that dead

Diane Finestone worries about the Flintsontes

You have to be kidding me Dianne. This was the most lame performance ever in your career defined by things other than excellence. Time to hang it up. You had to repeat cliches for the sake of filling air time without saying anything. Dianne Feinstien IMHO is the symbol of rot that cripples America. Build a new deck. She is eighty years old and a shipwreck. America would  be well served by term limits but for sure taking out mem bers of congress before their due date might have run decades over
having a voice that made sense to anyone.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Producers Death Murmur

There is not enough genuine news to keep the 24 seven cycle alive.

Just saw another self improvement headline

As if i believed
what I needs
to make me fit
was found
on info commercials
or someone
telling me

do not be yourself
you will be more happy
if I got an addition
its a describer 
that most would
wish for
man made
and easily taken
but for the deeper
like where is my
soul on Gods GPS
I say
keep your hands 
off my wavelength
I was born this way
and will die happy knowning'
no shaman
convinced me to live
any other way
we all got a path
some lead to trouble
others to greatness
but no one is going to prevent
those paths from crossing
and the only event
that you need
is to know
you are capable of most anything

ISIS is comming

they are going to attack us motherfucking
people who are against everything they blelive
like women are property
and marriage between a 13 year old
and some one sixty or more
was GODs will
Bring it on badass
we will fuck 
you up the ass 
so hard you
will think it was
your regular session with '
a Camel
but this time on Viagra.