Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Down load Sbut mcusic

Its shti

Truth always moves on

That is so Tom Clancy, I think of my cock the same way. My tip has mcspooged in an uneventiful way to date. My only hope is that some of those swimmers link up with a great hope.
Allen I know that you are Jewish
complete disclours here is
this Jew is not manipulating
my mind. 
Okay he has done all this hockey
stuff and used his advanced degrees
to be accurate
other than that we should 
expect the holocust
Thats were i  ream far
from the disbelief
ya man that happened\
fuck you fuck you
fuck you
that do not relie
this is the truth,

The holocuat was just  sideshwow
in the current and ever present

We can not solve the worlds probem
with a legal brief
from those
who want to mov9n 

Speaking from the reality of flames

Kurts message was way more complex than than that and one of his daughters was married to Jerry Rivers. You know him as Heraolo Rivara. Yep the Fox asshole. You could see in his eyes he was sad about that. Kurts message was essentially why the fuck as a species do we want to conquer the world? Pinky and the Brain hopefully taught our UTES its an enterprise doomed to failure or worse.

All the great people, will you be one. I thought I was then I got realized. This was fortunate me for me because I could have run my clown circuses railway a long way if I had not quit. Yes Allen I quit the clown patrol thinking I was better, I expected I would rise to a level of viewer who critiqued all the jokes, In this enterprise I floated for
a long time if thats what you call five years, Then it went all south and I am from the North, and so much internal conflict. So much realization that any job that needs to be done has a long line of people who could do it well. Nobody I know needs my magnificence, that is my reason for such intransigence. That and 400 hundred a week from Harpo to prevent me from taking to the streets like Hong Kong, seeking democracy and shared wealth from the common land.

Allen I am 56 years old and I have bounced around my whole life. It started at birth I am a bastard. My mother never bothered to get married or nail down the father
that makes me so much richer than those of normal birth.

I got all that abandonment syndrome to deal with
but in exchange I got better DNA
Hungarian consummating nothing
with Finland
that's me today.

I feel I feel no affect of my 
difficult birth
In fact I welcome it
maybe deep in my 
is a sense of abandonment
I cant join a tribe
or be religious
because there has
been no demonstration 
to me
raised as an neutral child
that they have nothing 
but dollar signs in their

I have never been baptized
that's me
an anomaly

Just so glad to be alive

Thinkaboot it.  Be glad to be alive and healthy
I live in Canada
but there are
so may places
I would not like 
to vist they 
do not feel fully 
the same way.

This  was my soft app arch
kill the Muslims extremists
my friends
or you will
be the last pig
on a pig roast,.

Harper lost in Space

 Canada a country
which many or most
 patriotic Canadians
 would proudly admit
stands for nothing
but good wishes

Our current Tea Party goverment
elected in the medieval
first past the post election
has lost its head
with the latest
space related visa
that make ones
brain scream with dread
at  the absolute of
six gravity stupidity.

Canada was privileged
to host such a prestigious
future building event
and we should be proud
to host the esteemed
international astronautical symposium

Space is thankfully in our history
a mostly non political place
All nation depend upon Russia right now
to get every astronaut from every nation
up and down.

The world built a hundred billion dollar
without wasting a cent
defending earths pencil driven boundaries
because that is the point
of the International Space Station
we all live on a very small
blue green and increasingly 
sand ball.

For Harper and company 
to throw their pitiful wrench
into the voyage of discovery
makes one wonder
just what makes
a conservative rich?

Friday, 26 September 2014

looking at the world through the fog

Really we have never been in better shape has humans. The finance system is really fucked but that is the norm. If we ever get it right look out. Humans continue to climb to unbelievable heights of discovery and every day today is a thousand years in medieval times. Yes we continue with the asshole rule concept but every day more and more people realize they should not worship those communicative but still stinky farts.

ISIS are you serious. The USSR had a hundred thousand nukes pointed at us with a hair trigger, and ISSIS has a sharp knife.  I mean a knife some carbon steel that can hack a head off. Carbon Steel knives and bravo are blood in the sand when any serious military action comes. Its like me playing in the NHL. I will be exposed instantly and have to leave the game forever.

We are playing the wrong game in the middle east. Ignore the oil, ignore Islam
tell the young people with tablets dropped from above. You people are important to the human community and this is what we have so far discovered.

Should I die right now or say the truth. Islam is a piece of shit religion. Like Mormons or Catholics or Jews but somehow worse. God never spoke to no one on this earth. Behead me you motherfuckers, but it will make your fate worse.

Has anyone ever considered the squirrel we run over most days in our car
because they are not important enough in our world to be given automotive repere? Yes we are all on a bigger battlefield squirrels and our problem is we never see the thing big enough to run us over.

Al Queda was not radical enough to remain a brand

Tora Bora and Osama living in luxury in the be best part of Pakistani. These were problems just to big to ignore. So someone somewhere decided the best case was for Osama to die like Entebbe. For sure they did it in a confusing way.
No one can say Osama is dead or even existed in that life. Maybe he was the son that was chosen for a dark fight.

I have traveled this world on a business class ticket. Yet I felt the pain deeply of all the citizens who in this world would not have the slightest chance to depart a jet let alone a donkey convoy.

Holy Fuck Batmann our world is a fucked up place.
Tell me its not all nepotism when we 
get all backed up. The traffic does not move
But those at the top do not drive
and travailing around in a limo
is like a living room
and if there is a delay
they can spew out
some platitudes to make
you and me feel
this system is okay.

I am really fucking pissed off
I have seen the third world up close
all those motherfucker would
beat out the first worlders
in a McDonald post
or being a cop 
or saving someones life
as a EMT

The fact is our jobs
are mostly bullshit
we never wanted to behave this way
Yes Facebook is all high school
and that is why we are now
under duress
the idiots from high school
never had to mature
in the natural way
they got good jobs
and seniority

Look I am not trying to say
being intelligent and well bred
is a sin
and we should be so suspicious
of someone
who carries a toolbox
full of sin

The problem is an its very real
If you think I am exaggerating
ask Marie Antoine
a pretty little girl
from Austria
who did not 
have the intelligence
to stop eating cakes
when the populace
was down to the bone

IMHO we are now about
the level
that existed in France.
Cue this up on your
threat map
They had no race
upon which
could cause grief.

Class divisions
Arm 15
races in conflict
Muslims who 
seem not to breathe

This is a clusterfuck
ready to explode
and who can stop the rain
its going to go off
money is the fuel 
for our pain.