Friday, 28 November 2014

A great darknes full of pilss

So major phama dictates
where the failed F35
will be deployed
and the dAMAGE
that will not be done
t0 the ememeuu
will end up in civl
lik e a clASS
action for idenifinyg
that in the next phase
will be seperated
from life
Thats harsh
but sometimes
killing people
proves we are smart.

What a bunch of bullocks
as the English would agree
killlng on man for purppose
brings down on you positon
the whole family tree.
These are not people from ferguson
they have not lost a single flawed soldier
they have lost a peice of humanity
which now the sun dictactes
the angle of the drone
that willl blow them

The drone did it
no a human
so no re come it
everday what
you might ackowlage\
no matter how smart
this is part of your

They willl tell your anthig

So just be aware whehn you are a bear
the sound is more foufued
dig  down deep to resist 
my  amie

Evil no more Eviel

Eviel does not exist. Its just the actions of bad people. In the defence of Evil I just want to say society keeps beyond some understanding of comprhesion creating senarios where  never detected before 1964, evil exists. It comming for you my friend and be afraid. If you shoot your wife and kids as a mistake your a time warriror. Every day accoss the world and in the US A in gerneral people so pariond shot thier love ones as a mistake. I axe you now stupid peple
is this the world we want to live in
whe5e we are so afaid of a singl\
miwSTQ3 we blast away
never rembering
our children
no matter\
are now a
bloddy mistake
that will drive
us madea
and keep gun
sales on the

Never Marry Tribal

Great Empires collapse but love last.
We as it stand have about a hunded
years on these great land
and oceans
which represent our birth place
we call earth.

So many great monkeys
rule us today
if we could 
make a video presentation
representing them 
all it would be
a OLED presentation
of great assholes.

Why are all our leaders
all so feeble
is it just in our soul
we need some one
to corral us
like we ar pigs
at the trough
for one last
hit on the
world before
we are processed
down to the asshole
which is sold
as wieners
of elagance/

The contiunig war on Vaccines and Sciene

I say this is no accident. For all of human history science has been worshiped. Now our leaders wish to destory it. Who is being manipulated. The drug plan for humanity is all Phipick K Dick,  Drug them up an they will not complian. With enough visual and aural stimulation they will be paws in your game.
Hey always as it everwas
but what is the plan
I got a big screen TV
under the Dick
will I get PHV
under the latest 

I would give my life for you in less time than a heartbeat

Willing to die 
I guess I am
and I live on \
on a street
you pass by
you commute
you motherfucker
killing our socity
but I will not want
to wipe you out
I fell pity on 
those so ignoratn
as yourself

I am all in for 
better solutions
and when I successfly deploy
my Math Weapon
with a fabvroc
trigger guard

All around me will fall
and humans will
with a 
golden signal

Ruled by Children we are bad parents whats your exucse

If you really get down with the Chinese the Japanase or Koreans, you will see a bunch of suits behaving like Bugsy Malone. The leadership is not mature. The leadership is medival. Yet they are ploughing the thougthfull world underground.
Its simple they understand the lizard brian and the Emperour is to usefull
to make you do something you would never do
but as a result feel usefull
to do what you do

Asia is a enigma to some
but not to me
its children
practicing democracy

to rule men and sometime women
is a great skill
a skill that has
been practiced for six thousand years in Asia.

I see in the slanty eyed sloped foreheads world
a laughter when the USA thinks Obama leads the world
Whats wrong with slanty eyes or sloped forehead
nothing. This is on par with nappy hair as a concern
when your existince is being evaluated
by children in short pants
who do do do in their pants
because they never learned
to do it otherwise
blame me because
we have lots of servents.

We are always spinning on a globe
where we land is 
but not where we stand.

If the world could be manged
like a science project
we could live in utopia.

This may be possible in the future
when the powers that be
realize that humanity
has no borders
no constriants
we just need 
the particpants
to keep pace,.