Monday, 27 April 2015

Can I have it for my basement

New membrane to keep planes quiet. Actually the noise on a plane is not a big issue compared to the air quality. Work on that first.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Absoulutly no connection to Fukushima

The Windscale accident in Wales is instructive in two ways. The health effects for Tokyo may not be devestating but they may render large parts unihabitable for decades.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

God Save the qUEEN

Ultimate Rule is complete Death

It strike me like a slingshot 
of Anarchy
that God did not care
who ruled

Yet the ones both clever
and bloodthirsty
made magcifincant careers
of telling us they were 
the MAN

So we continue
this centuries old 
Battle between
personal violence
and the good of the state
and when they become
look out

there are only
two outcomes
in the long term
a scorched earth
for the enemy
and a security state
at home

So God save the
The first LGBT

The MAN speaks English ONLY thats his Blindside

Llanguage is culture thats 101
in understanding
of expression
and life

Like the myth
of Senimellia
sense of snow
but for sure
the Inuit
have a boatload
of expressions
for the white stuff
way more than 
the sea insects
 a lobster fisherman
from Newfoundland
would use to 
describe his catch
It used to be 
a sailor who never saw
a parrot describing
thier whises really
he was in the old country
where the planet
did not conspire
to kill him
and what riches
there are 
and they are many
become shared
like high school

But at the end of
the day despite
all the outreach
and private schools
vacations in France
and graduation 
in Switzerland
the MAN
speaks  English only

So the governor on intelligent
thought is extremely limited
its like a dial up
verses DSL
and goggle cable
would make the 
brain explode
in the MANS world
and in reality
its just about the same
conductivity trumps
and man we are all
just about the same
more or less
with information
we can use to join
the capitalist system
as a sheep or a wolf
and if you examine the 
history of the stock market
some will be shocked to realise
the wolf ate the sheep
over and over again
and the sheep never
that a projected green pasture
was a deathtrap for their savings

Steve Dissapointed Canadian

Steve disappointed Canadian

Disappointed because our first past the post system

allows absolute rule by a small minority

It allows Governments to ignore best practices

For example the National Energy plan

Can you imagine if Canada treated its oil like Norway

Canadian would have a heritage fund in the trillions

instead of deficits for generations and dividends for Exxon

If we had free and fair trade most of our Auto jobs

would not be moving to a narco state

Its well proven that incompetence is not a political sin

Therefore the people getting paid to not know things they know

continue to pile up the opportunity costs

like pigs at the trough

while the country is starving

for the vision and leadership

that would make this lucky

country truly project inspiring

soft power

Friday, 24 April 2015

The arrogant incompetent

The arrogant incompetent. I think my title is more accurate. IMHO the Harper goverment has dropped every file they have touched. They have made a total mess of the Brand Canada, the Institution Canada, and the Economy Canada.

H/T Creekside

Jesus Creation: Oh My God!

The Jesus story has never rang true for me. The Divici Code exploited those plot holes brilliantly. However what if evidence comes forward that a fiction was truer than the New Testament? For one thing people of true faith would have little choice except converting to one of three places.

1)Judaism (Circumcision for men)
2)Islam (Circumcision for men)
3) Pastifarian, no notable sacrifice for men