Monday, 25 July 2016

Make room for another appliance in your kitchen.

Another positive revolutionary development.

Preparing for TEOTWAWKI

Preparing for The End Of TheWorld As We Know It. Is that what is behind all the underground activity? Massive buys of ammunition, ignoring climate change, it all adds up. Something is going on and Mr Jones, your not invited.

Be a "TEOTWAWKI Prepperationist" another copyright.

BTW I was wrong about 40 cal being a pistol round.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Carenege Canyon not scottixh liberation victory for reading

Czrnage Canyon a movie
like the Hills Have Eyes
and just as good

The albains assianfg

AlwaYS  LOOKs like a bowling ball
be aware if your see
one outside the five pin lanes

Lake Erie Stinks

You want to catch
the prep
but they are invisible
cant be found
it makes the scientest
Jesus people
can you not
smell anything?

I live on Canada's south coast

Near the shores of the great Lake Erie
but today you cant drive bye the beach
without smelling the usal
we know its phospastes
but like the bees
the reason 
has no sting

this is economic sucicde
when we live in a world
where water water is

If you search Google not 
one story about what 
every local 
would say

Now thats Revolutionary

Cooltech magnetocaloric effect refrigeration. Moar better in every way but up front cost I imagine, Covered by Gizmag.