Saturday, 18 May 2019

Responsible Goverment Evaporation at the Polls

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The mindsharks
have located
the voting brain
and its all over
as Robert Heilen
I can get a thousand
people to agree
with me using emotion
and one using logic.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Fire in the belly

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I am not and have never been a communist 
Great men or great history
some fire in the belly
is always forefront in the narrative
because to make real change
you have to endure stomach upset
and worse

so now my stomach is growling
like a jet on take off
and its saying to me
Steve you have to
write the book
the one that
will be considered
the anti Altas
the one that
that will let a just
society win

so I a m thi king aboot it
so slwoy and sideways
and how much effort it
will be
and can I address the discomfort
is there one other person in the world
that would read this book
except my mother?

Sooner or later cognitive dissonance waves erode the reality distortion field.

Sooner or later 
cognitive dissonance waves
 erode the reality
 distortion field.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Da WA Bango nan ban desu Ka?

Da Wa Bango nan ban Desu Ka
is what I thought
would fill the future
Shilla Humnida
something changed
and we go
May Went E!
the language of the
future is strange
but its pretty
white english
is not going
to be near
the center
of thought leaders
and all we did
and brought
will be for nought
because the City of London
dont give a fuk;

What if the British Empire had Edward Snowdon

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Would the spread have stopped
or would the spin
have made
it better
and forever

We are now in
a place
where America
is unleashed
all good and bad
and its very sad
I want to be glad
about something
thinking its
right and the best
way forward
for the people of this
for the planet
we sail around
the universe

but no no no
we are going
down an extiction
who know why
maybe the top gun
realize there
is only a black sky

Saturday, 27 April 2019

so much lies about traffic

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Gridlock happens
with people
on foot
but the future
needs a clear

For all the faults of
its the best
of the worst
and in Germany
they preach
what should
be true religion
the American
Taliban are
true believers
in a fairy tale
and ride the planet
on Unicorns
of death

SnowMexicant April 2019 the Ice Wall has Fallen and Winter is here editon

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First its April 27
and it feels
like February
something is very
fucked up in the
HVAC system of
the world
and unfortunately
its a God design
and since we dont
have Jesus or Mohammad
anymore there
are no people qualified
left to make the necessary

has declared war on
Iran, Nicaragua, Cuba, Syria
and itself
We shall see how
this all works
out but its seems
a little hubris
may be on order

I dont know if these
are evil countries full
of comic book characters
but I hear Cuba is the safest
place for a tourist in South America
and Centeral and the Carribine\
hell it is safer than Mamai./