Friday, 19 September 2014

Stop telling obvious inspirational self serving stories

Its like toilet humor, just grow up! I call for a constitutional amendment to protect us from the tearjerker. The last refuge of a filmmaker is to make a movie where people fall in love and one the partners dies in the end. Love Story the end. I am also done with Holocaust movies. Every one as part of a liberal education should watch at least three, Schindler's List, The Grey Zone and one of the thousand others. If that has not filled your boots with misery your sick.

We have enough real soul sucking calamities  in our lives, investments in higher production values to tell us life is a dance on a barbecue where you never know if it will be lit under your feet.Is an investment in psychological terror that makes one feel like meat.

It to meet the test of being a 1% chance its terrorism. Maybe Al Quada is funding romantic snuff movies. ISIS has certainly stepped up the competition for reality TV, I am sure the US will respond with a serial killers version of Big Brother or Survivor. I think it would be fantastic entertainment and true justice to put a gaggle of serial idiots in a cinematic environment and see who dies first. They could all legally agree, and the prize would be, a bullet to the head from you and me. This would eliminate my problem with capital punishment. The state should never kill, just like a parent should never hurt, because once certain lines have been crossed,  humans have logical dross. And thats the worn dental floss that holds our civilization together
and I have not made any prepper investments
but believe me now
and I will tell you later
I have my fingers crossed.

Scotland Votes NO!

The greatest thing about this whole exercise was that it was
democracy in motion. There is no doubt with  over 80% participation that the people have spoken. Its Pareto's law. At least there be justice in the decision.
The no side was forced at the last minute to make goverment more relevant.
Both sides can claim victory. Neither side can say the truth won out.

I was all for an independent Scotland but in my own self interest
I celebrate that the nationalists in Quebec will not gather much fuel
from this result. That is not to say that the Quebecois do not deserve their day. IMHO they are doing pretty well in control of their destiny. At least as well as one can be with  Harpies as a referees.

I can only hope in 2015 Canada is as engaged and thoughtful as the Scots where yesterday.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Arctic lost symbolism that makes Canada PUKE

I write you all a message and mostly if I am not in panic  it has a touch of the dramatic.
Who the fuck is going to ever intrepert the face book messages of Steve Harper
i expect in the equivalent of history books of 2024 he will be recorded
as an Arctic Warrior without a spear
who choose to die before
eating seal

Thank you Jack White for the Fiber Optic Jesus that you gave me!

The thing about Jack White is that he is an incredible talent. Not to date fulfilled!

Okay Stupid Dumb Fucks

You know who your are
you voted against
women having the vote
let alone the horrific record
of slavery that democratically
was certified as prime beef

Yes there are a near majority
of dumb fucks

We see this time and again
even in the 21st century
yeah we should all be in flying
cars and everyone on this earth
as a kid
should have an interface that
makes their future way beyond
mind control

As it exists today the struggle between
capitalism and communism is a 
landslide victory
for the commies
they do not mess around
they take any market
that interests them
and apply with capital
a winning vice

In the good old USA
and most nations that 
where just living in 
a friendly way
we are caught completely off guard
by ruthless old style emporium
who laugh at our democratic safe guards
The Chinese do not let a bird fly free
and I fear they will own 
you and me
with the complete co operation
of our capitalist industry.

Just wait for the first Enoch 
for  conformation.

The Strain

I am a B movie affectionate. Ideas not worth a big investment. Yet look at the Night of the Living Dead. Is there a more infantile movie taken root in the twenty first century? Why is that? I have been thinkingaboot it and now will explain. The first edition was all about nuclear war and what mutations we would find on the driveway. Today the audience is much more sophisticated. Thats why we have a viseral fear now backed up by science that we are killing this planet.
Sure we can not destroy life easily but through simple acceleration of human 
activity we can eliminate our species.

Wrap your head around that batmann, and say holy fuck!
The guys and girls curing your cancer
and doing amazing science all along
the wall
you with will agree.

When these same people tell
you cutting your lawn with a two 
stroke is going to end mankind
get your scorn
and worse
maybe a coal black pickup
shooting out emissions
because the driver
has some kind of curse
of lack of intellect y
and they are rebel
and thats a combo 
more deadly than 
the worst influenza
its a human mind
without understanding
making itself great
by doing childish 
cause they don't believe
pollution is worse
than goverment
and the King James Version
was not a translate.

If you do not believe humanity
is in a great struggle
sip your latte

We are on a lifeboat
and have few choices
we adapt to the planet
or we will not survieve

Good and Eviel

Today it plays out daily across the USA. Evil Gia striking back with forest fires and drought but on the other hand floods. If you watch the news every night your and idiot, a sheeple a non discriminating USB port to control.

The news tells you what you should be thinking. Believe me now and I will tell you later that is a scary thought. I predict a class action suit against the networks for giving citizens PTSF and other alpahabets.