Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The F35 is a chiwawa in a Dogfight

Failure to govern is epitomised in the F35. There is a good argument to be made for a nation, especially the USA to be armed to the teeth perpetually. There is IMHO a more compelling argument that such a policy is wasteful and ultimately a financial catastrophe for the nation. 

The F35 combines the fight or flight instinct with a huge tailwind of corruption and committee design. The main design feature of the F35 is that at least one part of it is has a lobby group in every congressional district.

Now it is alleged that a deliberately handicapped 1970's tech F16 clubbed a payload free F35 like a baby seal.

Things go on until they stop. The F35 will turn out to be the greatest weapon ever built to take down the military industrial complex.

Monday, 29 June 2015

The Confederate Flag moves to it, while the Rainbow Flag escapes it:The Closet

In one of my closets 
stuffed full of the past
is Future Shock
and its all change
has come to pass
History is accelerating
outpacing the news
transforming the impossible 
into daily commonplace
and life moves on
with most unaware
there has been a revolution
and so it goes
and so it goes

Personal transport has gone electric
flags glorifying war and slavery 
are shunned
we all prefer to live
under a rainbow of hope
instead of dark clouds
of fear

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Listeningt to vocice and image as starting points of awareness

Well you have the Pouges and Paul Krugman
and many pretenders. Mostly excellent
but if you want a message
in your musical mailbox
there are only a few options left
what ever happened to the protest
in todays world
bOB dYLAN would not
be an iconclast
its all about today
somebody who would'
not fuck me
and that a great human universal expression
but in the past
everyone alive
knew that\
and that is the last thing
they would ever sing about
witness if you will

So what is wrong with you kids head?
I think I know and you will not 

like the answer
like a cell phone from Microsoft
you have been programmed with
a bad operating system
call me crazy Macafee
I can kill your virus
just read and read
and do it agian
on every source
even wikpedia
and then you will
know you are
a fellow Zombie
and Space Lizard
Defense force member
go human dry up LIZARD
And the undead

ARe you taling to me

describe a dessert Island 
and in the future its a Continent
and we will need
so much retroactive
to tell the young
punks that the water
that powered the cell
phone towers is gone
and now they will have
to live like humans
talking to people they
do not know in order
to survive
what a fucking disaster 
in tech terms

Are you coddled by the Man, serving the MAN, or oppressed bythe MAN?

Next to Don King I the biggest Amerian Story:Only

The MAN is Omnipotent 
in this universe
he killed JFK
brought down the twin
and just generally
operates like Mr Smith

Case in point the Clinton's
they went to Washington
as bad corn poon
twenty years later
they are on stage
with Bono
eliminating Smith Pelly
and are best sycophant friends
with the guy
that was Delta Alpha
in getting the blood
on Jackie's pill box head

Lets get excited after
a thousand years
about the confederate flag
yet while a real non political
threat like Fuckmeashuma continues
to burrow towards the earth core
is not only not reported
no one can hear the nuclear drilling
which is more like a volcano melting
magma in reverse
and with it being a non natural progression
carries a bigger destructive curse

Man got this space ship nearly new
in God terms, only about six billion years old
It was only yesterday we got our drivers license
which entitled us to drive over the rest of earths 
creatures like the ultimate version
of Grand Theft Auto

God gave man for some reason
the car keys and so far we have
mostly crashed.

It is only recently with our MAD MAX
creativity we have found ways
to make the planet uninhabitable
for higher life forms
and we drive on 
with diminishing fuel
the fumes of faith in God
who will come and pluck
us off the planet
in a relevation
Bible studies trumping science
because there is no real argument

Now God must be our father
and our mother in one
a spiritual anthromorphodic
on a cosmic scale
So what will mother father God
think when they see our room
we shit on on everything
so bad the actually atmosphere
in our living space turned Passions
the toys anamorphic parent gave us
are badly broken
and we hacked the HVAC

Sure hope God is really forgiving
but as I see it 
its a death sentence
I hope we can do a better job
of leaving something behind
for the 7th try at humanity
than the pyramids