Monday, 7 August 2017

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I am about to embark on a journey

I have been Thinkingaboot
for 5 years
I am not going
to play  around
on why now
if time was
an instrument
in our lives
and if we did
not play it like
a flute in the hands
of Jethro Tell
we would not
hit the later notes
and in the time
of Tell
100 was a real
but sientien
take off a few year
but I am sure
as a 58 year
old sientient
19 year old
being I will
have options
in my world
that are sci fi
to anyone who
does not believe in
global warming
and should we 
advance the life
of people
who can not
see the future
or wose than that
love sitting on the
having direaah
self love
because at the heart
they are big scary cat
and have not lived
a life where danger
is always close
and would no idea
how to survieve
if money was not
the primary
successful skill
of life and death

Frezze my head

and I will come
back to take
over as CEO
or any date
you can keep on
your rollo
you see I dont
use computers
because of the advanced
paper trail
The ether never
dissolves in never
absolves it 
just exist forever
I suppose
unless one
could remove
the current
after all it
is only a

Not a biological wonder

that has electronics 
buried into the neutral
so the other 
self defense 
are not confused
by love

Love in the future is all 

ones and zeros
robots having 
simulations orgasm
by simply
for a time
so short the human
mind can not acknowledge it

So where is the man

or the women
or all the transgender
that will
keep us all alive
when the Gods
and there
is no place
to flee
for our

Okay searching, searching on the internet

for something I can not explain
I mean that literraly
I watched Upstream Color 
once befire in 2013
and I can only
describe it
as the 
first movie
of the 21st Century
its an inovation
on the creative side
from moving
from silent to talkies
as colorization of the 
movies is not
really an innovation
just an acceptance
of the greater force
that realizes
anything that can 
be imaged can 
be possible
okay most
dreams hit
a wall
but some
get through
and make
a lot of mattress

I am sitting here

not  a few more
from my 27 inch
ASUS monster
and I am going
to watch it well
I love ASUS as
an electronics maker
they are in Taiwan
the disputed island
not far of the CHina
that wants in its soul
to invade everyday.

Shay ShaY nEE Yaw
thats thank you in
northern CHina
is the south
they say
I forget
because it
was fucking hard
to say just
like all
its a language of birdsong
with every note
impact full
its the closet
thing to
we have
for one on one
its very Star Trek
or as easily explained
The Arrival
The advanced peoples
of this world
can not hide in
body language
so they must
in song
to keep
some things ambiguous
but when you
are in tune with
your partner
a woodpecker
make Mount Everest
a strip mine

I hope I got you ready
we are very close
to the begin
in the words
of Trump
its HUUUge
and Tremendous
and it will never
have any end
as long as your
mind is alive
and you
are equip
to survive

What I admire
most about
Trump is that
he was born
on third base
but he had
the will
the desire
to get to
love him
hate him
want to live
the nation
because of desecration
he was elected
the President of the United
Hundreds of thousands of truly
great men never got to be President
so thats
something in his squirrel
hair he can hide and arrow
no matter what you think
of the man
you must admire the
and if one is to say
Democracy in America
is the world standard
then there is no doubt
Trump was elected
buy everyone
standing aboot
just got to say
in my own
identity how I self
identify its alphabet
soup but
in simple
Jimmy Carter to me
is the last
real hero
since Kennedy got
his brains
bowled out

Back to the film
or ones and zeros
that fly and make
us the chosen ones
to have sound
and vision
if we choose
that would make
seem random
and disconnected
from whats flowing
many explorers have
sought the source
of the Nile
but none
has found
even close
to Upstream Color

I have not started the movie yet
I am just laying the ground
rules for reading this review

Boys waving like inside
a bubble together knowing
if they mis coordinate the
bubble will burst
and they keep on
flying higher

I am fighting with
Van Morrison for
the remote
with my plea
that I am going to
be born again
if you only
and we
can have
marvelous krack together

Grateful Dead in the intermission
it always amazes
maybe thats why 
people are mostly
brain dead
not because
they are
its because
the world of humans
as mastered mind control
you think the natives
protest too much 
when they will
not be at a bank
behind the counter
for sometime
during the day
no matter how
much the money
in culture wars
this is a total
your fired
Adam Smith
and Ayn Rand
and every other
economic magician
that has been
pulling on humanities
and making
a fortune on
the farts

One Two Three Four
oh fuck
Mumford and Sons pauser
ask the question
why do the ones
who fight the wars
mostly end their
days in poverty
while the ones
have the big
home with
full hospice

I am eating steak with a blue cheese 
melted on top like a hamburger
and its tastes

First break
at 8 mins
53 seconds
it Gulliver's  Travels
to bad
no one reads 

twenty four minutes
and it wont come out
we are going to need a pig
to save you

work is impossible
without free

One  26
it might as well be over
never going to figure
this one out
but will try again

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