Monday, 7 August 2017

The flawless Canadian Man

Image result for image of perries and justin in canoe
He would have to
be able to paddle
up shit creek
with no oars

He would have
to be able to
go into a
mixed martial arts
ring with his peers
and be victorious

He would have to
speak French and English
flawlessly and love
to ski
in BC

His head would be
full of everything
and had every
as a young man
and his heart
would be genuinely
full of hope
based upon
his fortunate

To many politicians
are elected with black
hearts because they
found enough people
who wined enough
about some single
issue that now
they represent
us all
but thats democracy
and in the end
those kind of people
an pols
will craw
as they see
the revolutionary
that friends with
no borders can create
it the humanity
you can not package
it in a crate

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