Saturday, 30 August 2014

I know a lawyer with Ninja limbs, kicking Legal ass may never be the same!

You surely ski some blackstuff with the build.
Am I the only one in the world that knows
we are living in a Star Trek society?
No its not that we are being observed
and graded on our deficiency. 

The world the world is a fucking great place
and its big as a one G planets go
and we live hear
among all the plant life
and animals
that we see to be determined
to eliminate if there
is some profit
and our timeline
is a soon as possible.

Lets just take flyer
about the UN
this was a master solution
to a problem
that humanity treated past and present
with some wet towels
to a dictators rage

Every five star hotel 
has a suite that nonspecializing 
can cool off
a one string guitar
that has voice
not musical
 but still can make
blind men put  money
into a blind trust 

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