Thursday, 21 August 2014

White people like fire flies in a jar

Are era is ending and thank God. White people are like every bad movie
about bullies. I just hope and you got to give me history major props for this
that we do not disregard how much of a fucked up universe the brown and deeper colored people made, and to their discredit knowing all our white people sins
do this and that and more of everything.

White people dispute their intrinsic evil have moved the ball of humanity. So lets coach the world on that not just how much a leader can satisfy Fiat. No not the car the action.

Winston Churchill was a straight cocksucker. He killed tho sands of people with impunity. Dont know if he invented concentration camps in South Africa but for sure he signed off on gassing the Kurds in the world first gas atrocity.

We can break and kill any human that steps out of line. So we should or should we decline?  I look at this scale not from morally but from our artificially created financial scale. Exterminating humans is much more expensive than mice, and how hard is it to get rid of them?
Cost benifit anyalasis of almost any situation will tell you, let love rule
it will bring you flowers you never expected and insights that will propell
love to solutions because any mathematician would tell you love
is the only thing that keeps this lonely struggle a go.

Fuck Winston Churchill, Fuck the Royallty the Lords and Ladies
the death of the earth is now at you beck and  call you FUCKS!

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