Thursday, 21 August 2014

ISIS threatens the World

Be afraid of being beheaded in the shopping mall
or worse Walmart. How inhumane to kill 
a Walmart shopper when all those on Robbs
list travel around in a armored 7 series.

I heard the dude formerly CIA
tell the serious CBS Merica this morning
ISIS man could enter this
country with a deep tan
another brown people puppet
take a legal AK 47 or even the
new improved 74
and start killing
just like happens 
almost every month
from a nutcase
who in most cases
would shoot ISIS first

What I always said 
if that terrorism was real
Al Qaeda would 
be in the shopping mall once
a week until the country shut down
Now a decade and nearly a half later
the MAN is promoting this threat
cause frankly that's all they got
to keep you afraid
in the pot
and denying its warming.

Israel is fighting Hamas who by
the way are the blood enemies of ISIS
in a biblical way.
Watch what they do
if we were really fighting ISIS
we would do exactly the same things too.

Ed Note: James Wright Foley was a brave man with a good heart,  he deserved a far better fate. No one can deny he was mortally awake.

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