Friday, 29 August 2014

How to solve all our problems

The earth is a very big place and 
its hard to hurt
humans have done this
repeatedly since our birth
now it has come to a crises
one the humans should curse
because of the extinction event
animals we are 
well above the curve

First and foremost
cut back the CO2
Ban coal burning
that will give us a decade
or two

Then just modernize or lifestyles
Climate house our domiciles
and hydroginize our transport systems
man is the great architect of living
so lets listen to the best
build Manhattan projects that are forgiving
not death dealing atomic blasts.

Every technology we need to day
has been proven over time
the future advances that we
might see are worth roughing
but humanity has not got the time
to frig around with grand solutions
we need to deal with
the day to day pollution
on the ground

We can save the world
but its up the the 1%
do they believe they
can just move around
and ignore
the encroaching desert?

the venn diagram above is copyright of Thinkingaboot
you can copy it if you have a good heart.

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