Thursday, 28 August 2014


Yes its groomed and so many children have been taken from behind
some silly message and stern authority
First off I got to say
how demented are you
to interfere in childhood anyway
not alone to do the vile things
Jesus have mercy I would flame 
you with a oxy and acetylene bling

When the flame are spent
and we are looking
at your skeleton
we got to ask why?

I do not believe in evil
its just an excuse we give ourselves as animals
without any infrastructure to support why

Next time a person of interest makes a great case
on your  cellphone
do not reply
cause they are
surely recruiting  you
for wage slavery
or something way way worse,

The thing is you human
if you had enough facts
you could make your
masters eat body parts


  1. If I in anyway said anything bad aboot the man it was just more nonsense from the source.

    1. Samuel Clemons was a genius and his impact was remarkable. He slowed down things bad by ad least a decade. You have to be at the door every day in the war for the future.