Saturday, 16 August 2014

Heat Pump, Heat Pump, someday you gotta dump

Summer comes and goes
its a season we relish
and all hot dog
with great enthusiasm
from great to small\
we love our warm
weather and a chance
to just venture out

You don t know this feeling
if you live to far south
you only know the constant
drum of heat and tornado
and humidity that will
take your breath away
make you gasp for air
and say why did I make
this journey if It meant
I would leave air condition
somewhere along the way.
But you global Kunutes
are fighting the tides
and its not just the seas
that defy mankind

You can hire a good
HVAC mechanic
and he will tell you
airflow is the magic tonic
Passing energy in the transfer
thats the part of climate that lets
humans live in hot regions
even so late in this game

But the laws of thermodynamics
just like the tides dilate
you do not have the energy

to make a hot zone 75

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