Tuesday, 26 August 2014

touching the nutters forge ting the future

A camel wealth of stupidity 
has carried humanity
to this dessert
we now inhabit

Do we want dry or wet
or do with think we
can have any play
in the weather game
as it comes more and more
to stay

I just have to say 
formally one more time
Stephen Harper
is not on step out of time
he is a whole footrace
from dealing 
with the twenty first century
weather crime

If you fuel his race
sure I will want you
to wallow in his 
dry bed or flooded plain
of disgrace

But that would be a waste of time
and another wasted opportunity to fight
on the taxpayer dime

We need to pull together left and right
or there will be little planet earth as we know it
over which to fight.

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