Saturday, 16 August 2014

Na Na Na Na and so it goes

This is life as the smartest monkey. All kinds of people become famously rich by defeating this equation. However for the 80% it remains baffklegab or when faced with a cop with a gun and an aroused armored personal carrier as backup something worse.

Those that have do not share willingly, they create great networks to keep down the majority of humanity. Free and fair competition bring it on, chum deals are as green as the grass on a well kept lawn. Stop the chum deals  but we cant.because we all have chums and some are extant.

We move slowly forward but in the back on my mind
is the 6000 year rule of the Chinese 
and they were not kind
Eunuchs only to do the charts
so many inhuman methods
to keep them top 
of the charts
and that's what I see
in this world
the neo cons 
would see as eunuch servants as victory.
Me and my friends
we have a blast
thanks for your contribution.

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