Thursday, 7 August 2014

Harvesting Humanity

I sorry sorry I acted that way
I told you the truth
and even you would
have to admit
in a diplomatic way

Now your angry
that your will is denied
as an emperor
you have been 
a pretty good bride

Experts at hard things
find penetration of soft wings
to delicate to be policy
but if a bird could fly

or a bumble bee
could wonder 
at a hummingbird
in flight
it must make some thunder
when immediate lighting
does not make the situation

The world is very plain 
beneath our feet
we understand a lot of things
that previously lead to 
disastrous defeats

So the question is now
what about the greater good
will the Gods of policy
and resources 
give up a little
to make every neighborhood?

We got a lizard brain
and you can see it demonstrated
when the fight or flight instinct is triggered.
Most people go both ways
but warriors are trained 
to fight this day

So we know all that
and its well cataloged
but why not discover more
about the human travelogue
than the horror of war?

Benny said and he was known 
as a smart guy with an eye for the ladies
in a puritan world
"those who trade liberty for security deserve neither"
Men are made to be free
sure we needs some law
to keep the monsters
from trammeling thee

Otherwise lets 
let love rule
men can be men
and most important
its time to let women
take a proper place
in lifes rule.

The problem with women
is they have little appreciation of men
and the problem with men is they
appreciative women above all
Its an area where a comprise
is not going to happen

Two culture united by sex
and love
But if not for sex we 
would all be on broke back mountain
with someone who like us 
better than a sheep.
(see dancing boys of Afghanistan)

How to say this without
doing a study of many day
Peace in the middle east
if only the sexes could
have sex with the ones
they dont want to exist

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