Thursday, 14 August 2014

Pretty little things delivering the fake news

I never wanted to jump DAN Rather. Maybe Kennetyh had the frequency
The winds and the atmosphere
are element
that i feel
have been ignored
in central developments
not to say a bit of tweak
would serve mankind
but changing a dessert
into a orchard
that is trespassing
into Gods land

I do not believe in him
so do not blame'
me when he failed
to supply a dessert
with water
no matter how
many billions
you spent to
change the game

Stupid investments
in earth science
leave this world
right now today
in conflict
over a coal fart
that stinks
and can not be fluffed
with a pretty girl
on a ice berg melting
feeding polar bears
that are starving so much
they resist the urge
to rip that pretty little girls
head off
because as bears they
do not recognize how
much that would hurt
the pretty litttle women
who deliver the new
with a tone
that will give most men a bone

If I was judge jury and executioner
that would be a war crime
my hard on should not be
used as a land mine.

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