Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Welcome back Marc

This guy is a pistol and he got shot. Five years in max in the USA
and he never sold any pot. He never broke the law in Canada. Yet Harper sent him away. To deprive an honest man of his liberty is a crime, so we all say.

Which begs the question why
do I live a life that getting high
is so important
I would want to change some laws
I would say in my own defense
if you are living straight
I mean really straight
no pharma
no chance at drama
putting your life
and all anxites
into some religion
because that is the blender
that will mix you up
in a secret sauce 
that will 
be put on the toast
of immorality.

Just a bud, telling someone who cares.
As you know I am pretty well positioned 
to take over the world.
You will be one of the few lawyers I spare.

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