Saturday, 30 August 2014

Leaders you got to trust

And that is why we have institutional paralysis
and a whole lot of parasite
moving into the vacuum
with the idea
that you should build your own highway
or supertanker
maybe a prison or two
and while you at it make 
a hospital.

Some leader needs and will break through the slime
Lee Quan Yee style
Yep the man has a kick
but he has got a plan
and look what he accomplished
in resource nothing
mosquito infested swamp land
the really funny thing was that
the government of Malaysia gave 
away the thing barbecue they thought
it would be a drain on the mainland
Similarly it was Chaing Kia Shek
having moved the Chinese Army to 
Taiwan that refused the independence Mao
offered because his brain was running on pure
military cement.

The greatest leader of our generation or our time
is Deng Xiaoping. Did I hear a who or two?
Most famous not for his accomplishments and masterly
rule of a billion people, but for saying something simple and believe
me as an old China Hand endlessly debated if its true
"It does not matter if the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice"
This was a metaphor to move his country from the absolute insanity of Mao
to a capitalist thing. 

Some people complain about the Jews. In the scope of this world Jews are like the dust you see when the sun shines through your window. The Chinese and I hate to group them that way. Chinese are as diverse as blond haired blue eyed Vikings that came from Sweden or Norway. There is no Chinese central registry
they are no more monolithic than those of European descent. The Anglo Saxons and everyone else will always say, we were first so beware.

What is weirding a world wide angst
it the failure of our institutions
to recover from the GWB blasts
We should not pick on dear George
or in Canada Dear leader Steve 
or stranger still in climate change blast
Tony Aboot

Is this a plot to make us despair
for democracy>
If Rob Ford gets electable
I will throw eggs
and the fascists that march down

Leaders can command
some times a spit decision
will leave you splat
if you do not stick to the plan
but history is sticky and its
like sending in a SWAT
team to stop a glacier from advancing
or declining
the beautiful thing about history
is that it swings both ways.

History works so slowly 
that I have to give my 
upmost sympatjy
to the millions
of emouchs
that lost their
cock for libertiy
and after that
they were like
lab rats
doing the job
the man said
and maybe
bringing an extra edge
if a man with a penis
should want arbitrage.

History is no joke
its not MTV
its not entertiament tonite
we got lots of sociathse 
whjo should be for
sure prisn
an they control nuclear arns
that in about 637
seconds will send the world
back to a place that existed
thats was all about the hunt
do two headed deer
fill us with baqalquades
I do not know
In every historic event
thats the big nt know
to try and do better next time
when human are sausages
enthralled IN A Better next time

We got it here today 
pretty damm good
so why even walk 
into the park of destroying 
our history?

Walk the world
and you will see 
we are not 
the first humans
with an advanced society
I personally believe we are 
on the six cyle 
of a washing   machine
that heopes when 
people hear the beep
there still life at night


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