Sunday, 3 August 2014

Moral eqvilantcy is the great lie of the sheeple

Only strict observation of the laws of thermodynamic assures equality.
That is the first testament.
observations that stack up
when you do the math

The Israeli Palestine conflict
must be solved
it is taking up
way to much of the oxygen
in a world that must 
radically evolve

So how do you solve a problem like Gaza
numerator to zero
a hard calculation
but it beats 
waking up governed
by something less
than ones and zeros

Two sides in love 
with a present desert
that is just going to get drier
an less sustainable

Israel the great and noble state
that we all admire
how long could it survive
if it did not have
continuations injections
of Armour.

This life force 
is a anachronism man
Israel is doomed
by the planet
and the speed
which will be people sourced
and determined by spam

So stop buying weapons
and invest in solar cells
and places in the desert
where people want to live
despite the climate being

Its over down there
there is no water
with no water no life
you can boil the ocean 
all you want
but its a millionaires life

It so today
that everyone can claim
the other one is sheeple.

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