Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Like John Prine my
grandpa was real carpenter
he hammered nails in things
and my Dad
copied all of his
best lines

I learned a little bit by osmosis
but it was only
after I had screwed
the blue devils
after wrestling
with concrete
and no budget
for a hammer drill.

I would have bought one
if I thought like ISIS
or if I was not qualified
to drill six holes
with my old drill
yes it goes back and forwards
and yes you can feather it still
but the stinking thing
needs an extension cord
how can any modern person
work with such
encumbering things

Making this deck has been a battle
but I have learned one universal thing
never go off level
or you will have
to rip up
no matter
what you bring

That is unless
your in procession
of one of those
reality distortion things

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