Tuesday, 5 August 2014

PET a magic man who foretold this centruty

I was born in Canada
a place that well known
pundint Pat Buchcann pontificated
its should be speeled ,Kanukistian
I am not sure what he meant
was our has that good
or did he think we had
a soviet goverement

Oh that we wood
if what Perire Elliiot Tudeau
had come to fortod
Canada would be like
Qtare except the money
would not be between the sheets
I would be floating in the air
free for any citzen
to take as much as
they needed to be

Brian Mulroney stopped the PET
train to paridse
and he was caught taking
brown envleolpes in Swiss
hotels as advice

Yet he never did a dime
he wails against criminals
every time.
Lets lock up those bad
people, you know his
bride was from a disputed
and I am not sure
how old at that time

Do not get me starterd on the great babysitte
of Vic Toews.
Nothing wrong with marring her after she got pregnant
thats love do no interere with human instint
except we must
otherwise we will join
the thousands of species
that join extintion every day
we are so smart we know
there is no  way
we will be shuttled
down that tunnel
because we have made
sure there are no scientest
that can feed the  GPS
that points to that direction

One Direction is the most lame
of all the lame boy bands
I have been force to live with
What does that mean for]
the human connidtion
not good things
if you believe
in the big bang

I started this lesson
talking about
being proud of being Canadien
was something which with
humanity should \
have some connection.

We got people from everywhere
not just like in the USA
Mexicans cutting my five acre
back lawn.

Well cutting that lawn and all the other
growing things going on
is now a propierty interest
of those lawyers who
formed so smartly
robotic farm

Yes its a premium to eat
but what are we vegetables
we got a law degree
and not at night school
no way
We got Harvard and Princeton
and Yale (Okay for you non Americans McGill)
and we are non discrimatory
we will harvest lawyers
Fight the pukes
and support the man full time.

Work the problem there is solution
well that logic fails
when the control is the

We learned so much from the industrial
and the idea that having
slaves is not something
God would have wanted

Now our far lookers
can see the planet from space
there is not supposition
not flat earth space

Yet still it persists
people who would deny evolution exist
and as evidence they give us a bannna
with a built in zipper
like God wanted us to eat ths fruit
but he thought we were to stupid
to get to the truth,

Now I have been long winded and
there is so much more to show
I got to admit
I love Jerthro Tull.

I am a proud to be a Canadian and its
not just because
and for all you  emigrants
let me oil your wheels
because as I have seen
you make this country
a planet of love

Yes our children might
but when boy meets girl
ethnics melts away

I got a Don Cherry
Canadian Heart
I love to be in plaid
or some other disguise
that makes the drones
billions of dollars wasted
on what we knew was no

So why am I so proud
to be living her in this
geographic great land.

Like occupy territory
was a super plan.
If I am proud because
Canada is the third or fourth
landmass in the world
I have little ambition

Its like your neighbor with a half acre
saying I like you but have you seen my cultatioons.

I am wanting to sing
not just about Caanada
But about that double boogy of ebbeverthing
So Canada if you have kept along
raise up your ears
let down you cellfine
and just join me in my joy
that I grew up Canadian
and that's a wealth
you can not gold mine

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