Monday, 18 August 2014

I hate Mondays

A fantastic song by the Boomtown Rats and a one hit wonder that oracled the Kardashians.  

As I thinkaboot this Monday I reflect.

Fergus is only the first Falija light for America. Thats a good sign because on the Falujia scale America has had many lite fat events, and its trending heavy. Wait for the first IED to take out one of those monstrous police tanks. The real problem is that America and the white picket fence increasingly makes black people think they are living in Gaza.  Sure every judge, police leader, and any other high fluten position possible is held by a black person in the fantasy world, but in real life the decision making unit remains old white men. There are reasons for this. There is no Islamic Nation that can hold a candle to Israel. There is no black city in America that can hold a candle to San Francisco.

Ukraine continues to fester and poison the world condition. IMHO Putin has made his point, and I think you have seen he is retreating. Crimea is his and through democracy people will get along. The problem is the forces of the West are seeking conflict up to and including nuclear war. Thinkaboot that!

Fukushima continues to steam away. If this was Three Mile Island this would be a five year mini series on HBO.  IMHO this is the worst environmental disaster in human history. Believe me now and I will prove it later can anyone think a continuing leak two years later of catastrophic isotope is not the worst thing ever?

ISIS continues to exist. Maybe in the future they will replace the Spanish Inquisition as the punch line to a religious joke. IMHO there is still funny business about and maybe some Kabuki theater. We are told the city in which ISIS exists, so if we could carpet bomb Dresden and incinerate two Japanese city why not reduce to the last molecular level that can be measured ISIS HQ?

In my own wonderful country which should be and in many ways deserves to the best society in the world the Harper hits go on and on an on. Is Harper trying to wear us out with bad behavior? IMHO he is like a abuse spouse that believes he can beat the resistance out of a dutiful spouse.

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