Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Videos Games are the Future of truth

The divergent addictive program that will turn our UTES(youths)  into crusaders for truth.
If this is a radical feed to your harmony its to late because some genius planted the seeds of success deep within privileged youth.

A Hellfire missile cost more than the network for a sweet apartment building
why not bomb the citizens with web access?
The pen is mightier than the sword
information is power
shooting each other endlessly
that would make the biggest jingoist
on Downton Abby 

Can you imagine Rudyard Kipling 
with the power of the Internet
he would have populated 
the world with 
Wi Fi
not imaging they could
be used for freedoms intent

Consider the CD
that delivery system of 
hi fidelity
that lead to the biggest theft
of intellectual property
in history

Now twenty years later
has it made boy bands
out of fashion later
or sooner
and the need to compete
to give us a good sound
with very few notes
not still owned
by competitions reach

We are living in a Star Trek universe
here on earth
So many peoples
see the man in the moon
and wonder

They do not even know
we have walked there
and this is just one
of mankind's greatest wonders

Lets get the planet playing
SIM City and Civilization
I can be pretty sure
children raised on this 
will only play First Person Shooter
as a way to expand their imagination.

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  1. Most of the people in Afganistain have no idea that 911 happened or they were a part of it, even tangentially.