Saturday, 2 August 2014

I wish this was my wife

The date is August first 2014
this marks more decades of living the dream
of having the love of Maureen

I still remember the first time I saw
her in my room numbered 572
She was wearing a Hungarian peasant top
and blue jeans
She smiled at me but I was to shy to respond
later that week we were on a corner
raising funds for frosh weak
somehow we mysticalicaly bound
She and Mauve and some other guy whose
name I forget
But we started to fall in love on the corner
of Wellington and Direct
Neither of us moved on this bond
It was a night at the Stork club
that put us into the beyond
We arrived with our own tribes
protective and selective
and determined to stay that way
Maureen was wearing plaid and she looked astonishing
I was wearing a realization
she might be Mrs. right
I cant remember how we did interact on the dance floor
but on the bus ride home
I kissed her deeply
and that exploded the love
We have enjoyed for thirty years plus
and know it will be a reason
to believe in humanity

So began the courtship of our love
I left her plates and glasses at the door
She impressed me more and more
We were not well matched
she was all beautiful and proper
I was a trapper from the dogpatch
Somehow she was caught by my
charm and logical love traps
and today I celebrate how lucky I was
to have a catch that only can be
described joy from above

I could show you a picture of a beautiful
bride produced everyday in Hollywood
for the low intelligent side
Maureen looks natural in that way
Without a speck of makeup
she is a face of beauty
that makes the makers
put the cosmetics away.

Maureen was so beautiful that day
the angels threatened to take her away
I argued with them
and they allowed her to stay.

My beautiful wife, my soul mate,  my life partner
I do not know what force brought us together
but I think you know
neither one of us had any other choice
we were meant to be in the same render
for good or bad
You are my Cleopatra
and I am Anthony
no matter what
civilizations  may crash beneath us
I would not change  anything
because in my world
you are the only


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