Monday, 11 August 2014

Allan Toffler  was not kidding
and we are all surfers now
we are trying to find
a cut
where we can ride
without getting crushed
Surfing I tried it once
and at that time
I could be considered
by a low threshold
an athlete
It was fucking impossible

So if I can not surf
like Charlie
what can I do?
Pick crops
grown in a hundred mile circle
and enjoy the harvest ever nite
with a bride
that makes my struggle light
Yeah that's right

Paradise can be found
in other places than under
a incandescent dashboard light

The future is all local
cause no one can afford
the cost to rule
the world

The transaction cost of on behavior
will be traded
at a discount
for a economic savior
who never worked
as we know
most of those who
talk about work
so convincingly
Yet have never had a blister
even from jerking off
that's the kind
of man
that is really soft

We are ruled right now
by soft men
with bonny Prince Charles
the tampon Prince at the prow

All this derrring do was
all po poo
and the same for his sons
and God forbid daughter
anyone who swallows rollaty
deserverse to die
in their later life for sure
from chocking on a anniversary
of some Royal getting more money

How did I get started
on the Anglo Saxon curse
It must have been
that I was at home
alone and got a knock on the door
There was Prince Parasite
he cleaned out the kitchen
and asked for more
I refused to bow
to his suggestions
now I am a terrorist
only because
when will came
I was not the  one
to face that splain

We got so many problems
and in our arsenal are very
many tired solutions
We have seen this movie too
and its not more encouraging
in 2K or even 4k
for those fools
The fact is humans
 can only see
at the best of time
420 and anarchy
So when someone
tells you they have
walked with the Son
don't take them seriously

Why do I exist and why
is there this magical planet
here to support me
No matte what stupid thing
I do the planet
does not even seem to shrug
Its like a bully free zone
for humanity

Humans I am one
and we are self aware
and what that means
is that some place
will seek to control
your lizard instincts
because the get no bonus
if you become
self aware,

When the stars sprinkle
dust we gather
and wonder
why did God
give us this trust

In my mind this is the hammer
the projectile of kinetic opportunity
that might be forged in fact.

Humans we range
and animails are so
extinct because
we did not do our soil counts
So now we exist
and we got
faster and faster internet
now we cant be alive
if our fiber does not
do five by five

So far divorced from reality
are the internet pups
the equation that they know
about how much data
they can have
and how fast it
come come
and how clean 
it can flow
is the most
artificial construct
of all humankind
from this begging
to the end

We live in a world that wants to shine
everyone is a princess
and the warrior that
might not want her
is a mirror
for which
anyone seeking
a mat for life
should live with in
a combine.

Hey  baby that my maybe
there is a chance we can
have a realionshop with

Shine Shine Shine
Polish Polish Polish
work those two equations'
until the end
and you will find
your name on a dime.

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