Tuesday, 19 August 2014

When Justin is elected

When Justin get elected, ask me about how listening to rock tunes at painful volumes stirs the intellectualize juices. I have made Bob Dylan in a can. Its stainless steel with temperature rating above silicone due to my private patented for just so a case.

We are so lucky to live is sci fi novel but when the light grows dim
we will have to eat or do everything that a superhero
never considers when he plows a single lane
this life is complicated 
and the great apes
never got over
the beating chest thing
I beat my chest and 
nienty percent of the oppositon 
will fade away
that is the great ape way
now the ten percent that
think they have a chance
I fear them everyday

I was king of the hill
and I killed all the challengers
and for a few years
it will keep the youngsters
in some kind of moral arrears

but sometime all to soon
I will be hanging form the
tree of age
all soft underbelly
and all visible
to the Utes that think
thye would like to 
take a drink

When the challenge comes
I will know who is number one
and make a dea
my family will not be 
hurt and in this life
they will be known
as genteel.

You know my son and daughters
are coming for you as the chosen one
I do not want to see them die
so please  move them off]
to another sun.

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