Monday, 18 August 2014

Justin is violated with the mildness of avaialbe predjudice

Follow the money. In an event like this there is a money shot. It reminds me so much of the Watergate burglary which is complicated but basically was a message to Nixon he had become a liability. A clumsy robbery with no loot, who won who lost history will always have to dispute. Can not leave the discussion without forwarding the opinion that Bob Woodward was a company man.

Following the same sick train of thought. Justin's house was targeted to make an impression on him and the ones that hate the man. Will he curb his travel? Will this event make him more crime and punishment bound? In any other arena this was a psky ops success in Canada. If this was true it may be blow back.I do not say if lightly. If your alive passed 55 you know, some things do not track so square as Sunday school and even worse all the laws that were written to prevent
just those things so!
 I do not need to document how closely the Harper goverment tracks
the Republicans to the south. 
All the alleged atrocities on democracy that they have been condemned
seem in my mind to have traveled north
following climate trends
do you want a dessert 
or Lost Vegas
it all depends 
on how you spend.

Politics aint bean ball and I think we will see the Harper goverment deploy the heaviest of artillery in a scorched earth policy.

For Canadiens it will be the intellectual equivalent of the London Blitz
in those day you would be hard pressed to find
one person who said
yes but if the treaty of Versailles 
had been more kind

We are going to the polls in 2015
and we are going to deliver
to the body politic
a hopeful thing
no seats for the CRAP party
because when we sit down
to do our thing
we flush.


  1. This is a good one, Steve.

  2. Thank you. I welcome comments like a plant welcomes the rising of the sun.