Tuesday, 26 August 2014

John Tory finds the tracks to common sense

People got to move. Forever in Toronto our leaders have let perfection stand in the way of the possible. Tracks and corridors do not grow in the Urban world. Take what we got and do the best possible use. Look at the map and see the little Shepard Spur, remember that useless pink appendage when you vote next time, its not as bad as the 407 but lots of people got rich and never paid a dime. Its not a useless asset, it is a landing strip between Pickering and Pearson that should prompt the best practice John Tory to say, the Pickering Airport dies I will make this horror go away. We need no more white elephants when we have common sense to guide us. I want to raise the elevation on Toronto. Trust me not waste resources to pave over common sense.
Yet that little pink strip remains a thorn in his side.

I think it so funny that Rob Ford has with his money made saying surface transport is not an acceptable way to go. I hitchhiked across this land, never saw the sun once
I should be the transit Czar just for my good advice, at avoiding the sun
have you seen the damage it gives to the old paint job.

Science or superstition what plan will a politician come up with tomorrow. The problem for the pols is that every institution that we know seems to be full 
up with corruption and lies.

So its easy for Rob Ford who is so elite he needs oxygen to work the street 
to tell the people streetcars are like vaccines
they will give us transit autism
and only I 
can fix this illness
because I have a dream
a dream of cars
moving in synchronicity
piloted by people
just like me
driving drunk and stoned in
a big SUV

Rob Fords dream has met 
a science based dead line
You can not build enough
streets in this world
to move an Escalade
when everyone drives
a car as big a New York Apartment
you do not need Google maps
to figure out its 
all transparent
boots on the ground
if you have
so many square meters
of personal transport
you will always get
stopped dead

Now throw all those users
on to a magic underground
train and they will move smooth
and timely as well

Logically we all want to move that way
But the big question is who will pay
and beyond that
how many stops
should there be
to my doorstep?

None of this is rocket science
its well practiced in Japan
and too many European city's
that glide on laughing 
at our failure to understand

Bottom line Olivia Chow is a fool
for not stealing John Tory's
transit plan.

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