Saturday, 16 August 2014

Economist are the high priests of the Incas

I got to just laugh
when some economists 
tells me I am on a bad journey
as if you knew anything about
travel expect the price of the ticket

Everything economic except 
picking berry s
and eating game to survive
is artificial
and created on great
models that Lego
would never sell
to survive.

We got some ideas about
how to flame the shitthouse
and we will not do that
everything else is just
a educated guess
based upon the last 
crisis and who survived

One thing we know about economics
is that is seems to serve a top 
class demographic
the Rothschild 
are immune to any Nobel
prize winner
saying take their ring.

Anarchy is what we face
or can we just pay off
the elite endlessly
to keep this false
model traveling in space.

Sooner or later
things that can not move forward stop
and the people on the planet
get whiplash
But since it was all a fiction
we have always rebuilt
starting on solid ground
which later was sold out
beneath us 
for the same old round

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