Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What does Canada mean to me? (Inspired by Ken Dryden Star Work)

I have lived in the best part of Europe, and seen most of the first world. (and way to much of the third) Canada is my favorite country but as the best country only in my top handful. Canada to me means extraordinary opportunities. Tiny Norway has a heritage fund on nearly a trillion dollars. If Canada had the same policies we would have four or five trillion in the bank and literally rule the world.  We live well in Canada, its a great place to grow up and thrive. The sky is not the limit here. I just worry that we are asleep while the evil is a awake.

Two anchors that will always save Canada are Quebec and the Charter of Rights. I am thankful for both, and they are both worth all the paperwork.

Happy Birthday Canada you are a wunderkind!

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  1. If you have 1080p on your monitor click the photo to enlarge. I was trying to get the flag more furled but this is not bad. In the background, maple, beach, hawthorn, walnut and oak trees. To fully show the diversity of Canada I would need some ash, cheery and the two trees that are so Canadian the Birch and White Pine. Of course I grew up in northern ontario, if your from BC you may call these twigs.