Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Fight Club Members that we know about

Argentina and Iceland. Read about it think aboot it. Its seems the way of the future is to not talk about it. One big nation and one insignificant one have said no mas. Zero Credit History must be making some wave tontie.
Stay away from financial buildings out of caution. Soap caution.

Mr Alsweilem wrote in a Harvard report that Saudi Arabia would have an extra trillion of assets by now if it had adopted the Norwegian model of a sovereign wealth fund to recyle the money instead of treating it as a piggy bank for the finance ministry. The report has caused storm in Riyadh. It should be causing a CAT5 Hurricane in Ottawa and Calagary, two current oil capitals that have pissed away a fortune Norway could only speculate about. Brian Mulroney and the conservatives made 3 giant policy decisions. The GST has been a Godsend. Free Trade with Mexico a soul crusher for Canada's middle class. Abandoning the National Energy Plan that Norway later adopted carte blanche the single biggest folly of goverment short of unessesary war in the 20th century

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