Friday, 18 July 2014

Jumping from Malaysian Airlines

Malaysian airlines raising a stink in our minds
not really in anyone responsible
but it is not unkind

How one carrier can be so defined
I do not believe in the cosmic possibilities
so mark my religion as declined

Airlines do not just disappear
Airlines do not get shot down
at cruise altitude over a Crimea
there is more than incompetence
and plotting to these stories
events we can not even imagine
are being formed
while we sit on the front porch
and worry

Sure we are all worried today
worry is a bead we live
no need for something on our wrist
with which to play

God knows we have had some terrible times
the black plague the second ice age
and all those world war memes.
When the dust cleared and the dead 
where buried
only the Jews 
knew the Holocaust
was not tailored to vary
There was no political objective
that could be met
only that all Jews met certain death

When we are talking about that kind of evil
we see to day a new kind of kenival
Want to kill you no way
just marginalize you 
and make you go away

If you know your recent history
and I am going back 6000 years
because that is where we have
some way to link ourselves 
with whats scientifically believed

Chances are very good
we are not the first civilization
that destroyed the neighborhood
Maybe it was not our fault
maybe it was giant sun spots
we probably will never know for sure
but if you have a go bag
forget the depends
you wont need underwear

The Future is gnarly
in pirate terms
the wind is in our face today
but the body politic refuses to turn
so what will happen to my babies
its a race between Grey back power
and humanity

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  1. HI Steve
    thanks for linking to my blog? I had no idea whatsoever?
    But, do appreciate it greatly :)

    Are you Canadian? I do see a hockey headed person in the side bar?
    And Save Canada? Canada does indeed need saving. But, it's up to each of us.
    No political party is going to do it. Not the libs. Not the cons. Not the ndp's
    We need to EACH take OUR power and use it-
    I am going to follow your work, so I have more opportunity to check it out
    Cheers Steve!