Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Toronto Pollice Chief not renewed

First of all he has been there since 2005.  Thinking aboot J Edgar we know that 14 years is long enough even for Mother Teresa with a badge. (For sure after year ten she would have been all Judge Dredd on Rich Pricks, a BMW lets roll people) IMHO he has one of the most important public service jobs in Canada. Compared to his predecessor who now continues to reveal himself as a source of jaundice., Bill Blair was F5 tornado of fresh air. I could make this into a blog about how the police play politics and of that Bill Blair was a master. However he always seemed to play the game for the people he served. I really believe that Bill Blair believed in serve and protect. We roll the dice to find a policeman who has risen to the top who is so fine. God bless Toronto on the search for a new chief. This is unconfirmed but the Ford Nation is making a push for Sandra Lisi. Maybe Tom Jabookick has a pick. Maybe Girogo Mamaliter wants to fill a bottle for testing and dissemination.
For me the defining moment of Bill Blairs police soul was the Tamil demonstration spreading on to the Gardnier. This could have been a bloodbath, but Bill let it pass as a storm. That was great policing.
 Sure he was thrown under the bus for the G20 and carding is another area I can see merit, ends justify the means, but we can not accept that logic in a modern society. So farewell Bill Blair, you were a good man at a great time who did good things. I hate the MAN but understand its a relationship that should be love hate sometimes, and you served on the love side.

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