Sunday, 27 July 2014

Grey Lady ok with getting high

The New York Times. The paper of record in the world yesterday and arguably still today. If your works are published by the New York Times they are tacitly legitimized. Little story here, I once advocated hard on for my writing to be an op ed. This went on for years. One day I got an email from Paul Krugman saying we looked but did not receive. Thats one of my life's proudest moments to be refused by Paul Krugman.

Old media dies hard. Media and propaganda are universally not exclusive. The New York times would never publish something absurd. So I alleged they coached the nuclear threat from Iraq to justify the war. I allege that the Crooks and Liars who have organized themselves to profitable events have strings they can pull at any Newspaper or broadcast that would trouble the citizens who are already full of bullshit and lies, and racism and any other bile that would keep the top dogs from entering a dog eat dog world to survive. If you can not design it then works to terminate all threats imagined or real. Thats the way we are headed because the richer you are the more the simple riparian becomes real.

Being wealthy is a  target, and quashing all those that want what you have is a King Kunute enterprise. Most of the wealth in the world is spent there.

But right now on this Sunday, the Skulls and Bones, the Bridgebrook  group and the Illuminati have all taken to print in the enterprise they control to say
lets make Pot Legal
And So we all Say (so say they all is copyright)
When these guys
do the right thing
get ready for 
a boomerang
to your pocketbook
or maybe baby
there is a new leadership
that knows
we are not the first extinction
and self preservation overwhelms

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