Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lets leave the pedophlie aside

the sun comes up
and the plants make oxygen
some eat nasty parts
but the human
he has navigated
a great place
in this world
as we see it
I call it world 
after the cooling down
number six formation

You got to be stupid 
to not realize
we are only the citizens
of a great civilizations demise

So should we follow our leaders
into the sun of ignorace
our show;dud we say about our illietation
that we are the chosen ones?

i Think God does not give a fuck.
At least two generations and by 
my guage six
have run on this earth
and the biggest task for mankind
is to detrmine why
all their citzensS
ARE Carbn mine    

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  1. I cant spell really. Spelling is bullshit, communication is everything.