Monday, 21 July 2014

The Blue Rose

Peter Straub who has been lauded had not been lauded enough. The protagonist of the Blue Rose trilogy solved crimes from newspaper clippings. There is a very good chance I am confused about the author and the timeline. However my point is still sublime. People used to solve crimes by reading newspaper headlines. Today we are far past that.  Indeed it is not so easy because the printed pages contain so little truth. This makes the task of an internet detective so vermouth. So much information and all conflicting with everyone certified as truth. Someone is not speaking that but it will take a holocaust and a dead Siamese cat to put out the fire and read the ashes. The truth the truth is what we seek, but we cover our eyes when it does not agree with our fundamental belief. You can tell them, you can show them, you can run any experiment, take a selfie from space but when you want to blame the goverment, the world is flat.

If you believe in God your an optimist, if you believe in a religion your a sheepleist. Thats what I believe and I have seen the world. You think God would have left out the Chinese and the Indonesians when he gave the Christians his word? I got problems with the Jews as well. It seems that God was really concerned with hygiene and uplifting begottens with these people, and not to bat a fact, it made them well.

As we arrive at the end of my post there should be now wonder. In fact if I read it myself I often say, delete, confirm or go some place other. What I am saying is that with a great detective no crime will go unpunished due to the internet. That is if the great detective can publish,

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