Monday, 28 July 2014

Harvesting Human resources Humanly

A lump of coal is just stored energy and maybe it should stay that way. That is unless humanity can use this concentration of energy in a planet saving way.  You all watching reality TV better go undercover because human endorsed climate change is going to rip out your big screen in a way that will make sure your remote never recovers.

Work the problem people. That the first thing a black leader of any team seen on national TV or most movies says.  Like its something intelligent. We got problems now a TV mind cant fix. Drought, crop failure, Ebola, species loss, warming oceans and melting glaciers. Work the problem is an oxymoron, we are the problem thatS working.

Some of the planets worst arbitrage masters are our best ninja to slay a worldwide Godzilla. Take a look at Taiwan. Google it. See they have zero resources yet rule the blood and guts of technology. Admire that and shift your focus to Austria, or Sweden. I will not go into the alphabet but if you spell something about the future, a sustainable future it will be spelled something like Germany.

We got to stop, stop right now with unsustainable ponzie schemes. We got to take living to every human as a chance to live some reasonable dream. The wealth is there the technology is easy to scare.  Make a world where we all get along. The need for war has devolved since the cold war.  Now war is the result of good marketeers, this farmer wants to kill me so I should invest in long range tractors
that have IED detectors and cannons that make sure the fields are furrowed by willing volunteers. Who does not want to work for water? No health care I guess they did not succeed. This is a world bred for conflict and not one in which I believe.

Are you happy locked in a gated community which needs to double security after midnight? You could spend half the money and walk down vibrant streets upon which there was no midnight. The history of the world is not judgmental. It tells us those who build fortresses wasted their time and when the walls fell, human slaughter was not even ethical based fundamental. Ask Robespierre.

Our civilization the global one, faces threats
we have no idea how to get along
and we negotiate
in an environment
of increasing pestuclace

So best practices are now liberal
solving problems is seen as radical
we got to move past that
Humans rule the world
lets take solace in that

Civilization is in decline because
humans can not see the
writing on the dime
Immunization no way
Its a witch doctor
interfering with
my ability to be
a John Hopkins Specialist
merely because i am a c level celiberty
who has a child 
who ended up 
in a bad way.
You want to know the truth
as I see it
having a baby late in life
or with a father whose
sperm swam with spudnick means
your child is at risk
a baby born early
is bad corn
and you cant fix this
no matter how many
times you change the dna

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