Thursday, 3 July 2014

I can not complain

I can not complain
though if I could a wood
I would grow a tree
in my honor 
and collect all its benefits 
as a royalty

But that's not my fate
I was born in a bad way
and raised myself
with my parents help

I can not complain
I see the world
and I am free of pain
Like 80% of the planet
I am not a coal fanatic
So I feel the pain
I know all the simptions
and even the cause
But the solution
its pollution

Yeah the world 
we got can handle
an infite amout of
pollution or unatrural compounds
that in nature would not exist
we are taunting God 
every day
with the way
we work the earth
to what I expect
given his mathematical expectations
would be the wrong way.

Math is hard
but mathematical rhetoric
is easy.

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